Casually Crushing (12/16 HM)

Casually Crushing is a guild formed in the latter half of 5.1 with the aim of being a top 10 man on the server with fairly limited raid times where people still get the benefits of having a life. We are all dedicated raiders who strive to achieving excellence while having a good time raiding. We achieved 12/16 HM Bosses in 5.1 and want to be even more competitive with the release of 5.2. If you feel you are an exceptional player with significant raid exp and an acceptable current ilevel, you are encouraged to apply.

Past Progression:
Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6 HM
Heart of Fear 5/6 HM
Terrace of Endless Springs 1/4 HM

Our Raid times are:
8-11 CST

Current Needs:

All other exceptional DPS are encouraged to apply
Either put your name down here or add my Battletag @ Savior#1355
Tank LF Weekday Raiding Guild that is working on Hard modes and is 16/16 Normal. Link to my resume:
Looking for our Clothies!
Bump of great justice!
Recruiting a beast mage!
Bump still need a mage
LF Mage
Herioc Amber down!
looking for a mage
Grats Drizzy!
Thank you!
Looking for new healers for 5.2

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