Quaking Palm and Paralysis.

So, I want to roll a monk, but I'm trying to decide which race to roll. My choice has come down to Draenei and Pandaren. My choice at this point is largely driven by racials, more specifically Quaking Palm vs Gift of the Naaru.

Does Quaking Palm DR with Paralysis? If it does, it'll make the racial less useful in general, with Gift of the Naaru being of more use to monks.
Quaking palm does Dr with paralysis, Honestly If I had a choice I might either be a human or Draenei for pvp or pve respectively. But I love being panderan, my pov, nuff said ;)
Not a fan of how fat pandaren are, nothing seems to look good on them. I will say that I have forgotten I even have Quaking Palm on my monk.

Now I do prefer my draenei as shaman / paladins, but if I was rolling an alliance brewmaster, I would probably be going with draenei for the extra healing. Not really needed for mistweaver though, and I haven't played windwalker at 90, but assuming quaking palm would be better for my dps.
GotN sucks. For pve if you don't mind the fatness go monk. For pvp go orc/human/undead or go home.
Im set on my monk either being Draenei or Pandaren. I already have a character I main on, so it doesnt need to be hyper competitive.

Basically, for PVP, I feel that GotN is more beneficial to monks than Quaking Palm just because Quaking palm DRs with Paralysis. Also, while Gourmand is nice, it requires us to eat something every time we need the stats, while Heroic presence is a fixed 1% hit increase.

Also the fatness thing irks me.
human for the racial

/waggle, nuff said.
The Human racial is vastly superior for PvP and very useful for certain PvE fights.
No more draenei monks. Position's filled. We'll file your application and call you if there's a vacancy.
Be Undead! It feels like Touch of the Grave activate a lot as a Monk, since we're swinging around so much.

Plus, we're -40% body fat. You want low air resistance? We're limber as hell.
Draenei it is
As a panda I've used quaking palm like once..... And that was in the starting zone.

For PvE Panda is still very very good, 300 extra agi is pretty hard to turn down. But if your mainly PvPing or doing a mixture then Human is def the way to go. I don't see any reason to go Draenei as the heal is weak compared to the other ones we get anyway, the hit is ok, but human racials are better (expertise with swords and maces and trinket).

Out of panda and drainie, i'd go Panda, fall damage is great, food buff bonus is really good, and if your not rushing to lvl the rested xp is good. The drainie hit is good, but thats the only racial thats of any use, the heal is crap and if your in trouble you'd use something far better than that to try save your self.
I've used Quaking Palm like twice. It's not a terrible skill but its not needed for a monk at all.

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