In need of Paladin leveling pointers

I've been away from WoW for several months, and haven't played since the pre-MoP patch dropped (late August/early September, I think).

I suppose I'll just cut to the chase and ask what would be the best specialization for questing is, as well as general stat priority. Just the basics would be nice.

I used to know how to play Protection and Retribution well enough, but I'm not up to par with the changes, and I have no idea how to play as Holy (not since Holy Shock was bumped down a notch, and at that time there was no strategy needed for using that).
Go ret, unless you want to level through dungeons as prot

its pretty easy, use exorcism, crusader strike and judgement to build holy power

Dump you holy power into keeping inquisition up and hitting hard with templar's verdict or healing with word of glory

dont worry about stats for leveling, anything with str on it is fine
This. ^^
1. Prot Spec
2. AoE Everything you see
4. Profit
Dungeons as tank is probably quickest, if you don't get too unlucky with your groups.
I aoe grinded this toon to 70 back in bc and to get her 90.

Just look for areas with little to no ranged mobs, pull everything in sight, rinse and repeat.

Between that and queueing for 5mans to get gear you will hit max lvl in no time

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