Mind Freaks is Recruiting!

Burning Legion
<Mind Freaks> is currently starting a 2nd group to raid. Currently the guild is 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. This group will be running Tues, Wed and Monday as clean up running 7-10 CST. I'm not looking for someone who is just starting in raiding and doesn't know whether green is bad or not and likes to stand in it. Heroics is what we're looking for but not going to be hardcore trying to accomplish them. It's simple enough we get together on these set times, we do our individual parts, get loot.

My battletag is Eweezy987#1102 contact me in game for further information.
Looking for OT w/ DPS OS as well as caster DPS.
Looking for Heals with OS now
Still looking for Heals!
Looking for DPS ideally Warrior, Shadow Priest, or Lock
or a rogue!
Looking for a resto druid with DPS OS preferably or a holy pally with DPS OS. Currently 1/12 in TT and want to continue to progress quickly. Finished 16/16 and 1/16 H pre 5.2

Speak with Graviti in game to learn more.
<Graviti's Group of Awesome> 12/12 T15 & 2/12 H is currently recruiting 1 Lock, 1 PRIEST, 1 DK for heroic content. We raid Tues, Wed & Mon 7-10 server. Seeking exceptional players IMMEDIATELY! Heroic Horridon 50% and will be down soon. We will be pressing into Siege of Orgrimmar and want to be fully prepared when its released.

PST in game for more info. Eweey987#1102 is my battletag if I'm not on Graviti.

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