[A] 3 DPS looking for a new home/raid team

Hi Dalaran,

My friends and I have come to find ourselves in a position to look for a new home. I currently play a 483 Moonkin on Korialstrasz and our raid leader/GM had to take a break from the game causing our raid team to fall apart. I have been the assistant RL/GM since this guild was founded but I also do not have the time to take the reins of the guild and raid team. Furthermore, Korialstrasz has a very poor pool of raiders to rebuild from and continue progressing. Our team made it to 4/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF (we were 3% with one leg 50% on Garalon before things fell apart).

At this time, myself and two of my close friends have decided to look for a new home on a better server with a better pool of raiders, guilds and economy. We are definitely looking to stay alliance and we are all adult, mature, competent, reliable raiders who are very sociable people that are a benefit to any raid team and guild. I bring with my Moonkin two exceptional players, 488 fire mage and 490 DPS warrior (currently SMF). All of us have been playing since TBC and have been raiding since then and want to stick together as a team going forward. We all have experience in both 10 and 25 settings with mostly 10 man raiding since the start of Cata however we are open to either setting if the fit is right.

What is the landscape like here on Dalaran for a group like us? Are there any guilds with room for the 3 of us to continue to raid together as part of good team? We are not looking for hardcore progression but would like to find a better group to move quicker than what we were saddled with on Korialstrasz. If anyone has any helpful information if Dalaran would make a good home for us or any guilds that may be interested in adding us to their raiding ranks please reply here or contact me in game at Arkades#1365.


I know you said you would like to stay Alliance, but if you are ever willing to faction change... We are Rekindled. We are a semi serious casual raid guild made up of friends and humerous personalities. Would have a wide range of experience amongst our raiders, and currently have 17 active raiders. If you are steadfast in staying Alliance, I hope the best for you and your friends!
Greetings Energylegs. My name is Slayerprime and I am the GM and RL for Heart of Redemption. We are currently the #1 guild running 25 person content on the Dalaran server (which shocks me to say, and yet doesn't mean much). We are currently 6/6MV25, 2/6HoF25.

We do 3 official raids a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00PM est to 11PM est.
We also do an unofficial 10 person progression raid on Monday nights 10PM to Midnight est.

Since we run a 25 person raid, HoR may have more of a chance to bring all 3 of you on board at once (if you are good DPS). We aren't hardcore by any means, but we do invite to our raids based on performance, which I would be more then happy to discuss with you in-game or on vent. We are a large guild with 680 toons so we almost bring our guildies that old school vanilla WoW feel. There is no logging on and seeing a nearly empty guild list with just 1 or 2 people online. As an example, we had 32 people show up tonight to our 25 person raid alone, with 40 people online. That's a tad busier then normal, but you get the idea.

Our website is http://www.heartofredemption.info/ and more information can be obtained at http://www.heartofredemption.info/information.html

I'm Zeidridge and I lead one of the 10man teams for <Deities and Demigods>. Our team progressed at a decent rate before being stagnated about a month ago after RL issues hurt the attendance of our raiding core and forced my hand at restocking the team.

Our team falls within the "semi" casual perspective. We raid twice a week Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm server.

If you or any of your other raiders are interested let me know and we can talk in game about any other details you might want to know.

Right now we are accepting exceptional applicants for any roll but our primary needs are a healer as well as a flexible dps with a tank OS, or a dps who offers the spell haste buff (Boomie, SP, Ele Shamman, Hunter (sporebat)).

Send me a reply or feel free to catch me in game if you're interested or if you have any questions, and if so feel free to fill out a quick app on our guild site (wowdad.net) Thanks!

Energy get in touch with me if you want to work something out. Natural Affinity raids 2 nights a week Weds. and Thurs 8-11 server and have downed MV 6/6 and HoF 3/6 so I think we might be a good fit for you in a 10 man group ! Anyways feel free to app on the website , send a reply, or get in touch with me in game .

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