Can't talk In some chats or see any chats

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Last night I logged onto my new toon on Darkspear and when I went to play on him I tried posting something onto trade chat but, when I type /2 and then press space it usually goes to trade but now its just says /2 "and then what I had typed". Also if you played on Darkspear if you are ever in SW or any major city you see how the trade chat explodes with kids posting in it 24/7 well, I don't see anyone posting in tradechat. Also, I can't see what people say in party chat but I do see it over their heads when they type it. The other things I can't see are whisper, say, or guild. Please help ! Thank you! Oh and one more thing when I try to right click on general in my chat box the words "display" and "filters" are yellow.
have you tried /resetchat
01/05/2013 05:49 AMPosted by Nobully
have you tried /resetchat

^^ This, or when you right-click general, check out settings. If something is unchecked there, it won't display. You can also reset defaults there on the bottom left
I did reset chat and now everything works except for trade chat I don't know why but I can't talk in it or see it still and I checked it off in general in the chat box
Try /join trade
TY sooo much ^^

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