Blood Knight {Story, however open...tricky!}

Wyrmrest Accord
((Feel free to join in. The more RP the better! Otherwise will just be my musing.))

"This is just..." The lithe, runt of an elf stopped dead near the Knight's enclave. "A bad idea..."

Behind her, a rather stout, brightly armored female Pandaren grinned. "It was yours..." Zizhu gently reminded.

"That does not change things." Emlee turned, only to find the shaman making herself comfortable atop one of the immaculately manicured bushes that surrounded the square.

"It is not as though you were removed, you are simply looking to join....yes?" Folding to sit rather straight, Zi brushed the shock of purple colored bangs from her eyes.

"I do not need a fancy title, or special rank to heal the injured." Silver and gold armor reflected a myriad of light as she stood, and with the addition of her white cloak to her pale skin, Em nearly glowed in the bright city.

"You are right." The Pandaren noted, closing her eyes and swiveling her ears back into her thick fur.

Quietly, a plate gauntlet clasped the handle of her mace. Pale, fel-stained eyes returned to inspect the building that loomed so forebodingly over her. Just as she was about to head back down the few steps, a rather staunch male voice broke the silence.

"We will find you a suitable teacher." He simply snapped, more so out of pure rush then annoyance. It was apparent fairly swiftly that he had overheard the entire conversation.

"I, you may wish to know...." Emlee sputtered, adjusting her footing only to place herself perilously upon the edge of the stairs. It only took a breath or her to tumble backwards and land in a clunking plate clad pile of elf.

"Perhaps....we will find you several." He snorted, disappearing into the lodge behind.

The healer blinked, slowly gathering herself and hoisting to stand.

"Well done!" Zi chimed from the bush, now peering at Em through one open eye. "I have only ever had one teacher."

There was no response from the paladin, only a rather sour expression as she left the shaman in a flurry of her own soft laughter, to wait in the training ground.

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