What should i change to help me tank better?

^ says it all.
Thanks for any and all help.
Love your glyphs. Love your talents.

However, your hit isn't quite where most conventional paladins take it, try to get it to 7.5%.

Your expertise, get it to 15%, although I fully understand that some of that comes with higher ilvls, and you are not quite there.

Stamina gems - Keep the JC ones, remove the others.

I'd really stick to these gems, and these gems alone - and mind you, this is for the haste build - but to be fair, there are better paladins than me gemming somewhat like you, stamina - expertise/stamina, or haste/stamina.

expertise - haste (orange)
expertise (red)
hit - haste (green)
stamina - haste (green)

Once your ilvl gets higher, you can start looking into stamina on your gem itemization, but you probably can't reach values with that gear without the gems.

That should cover the 3 sockets. THIS DOESN'T APPLY to your JC GEMS, Keep those Stamina, it's 480 flat base stat or secondary for profession gems, vs the 240-320 difference on normal ones.

Shoulder enchant

Change your meta gem to Austere - not the mastery one.

Most paladins, after attaining 7.5% hit and 15% expertise will generally fund points into haste or mastery.

Haste is generally more popular because of the almost linear way that prot paladin damage scales with the stat. Check out Battle Sanctity in your spell book page, says it all really.

Try to reforge out of dodge before parry until your dodge is less than half your parry, something I need to get to myself.

Colossus isn't that great, tryout Windsong enchant - 1500 mastery/haste/crit proc, solid cheap enchant.

Change the bracer enchant to mastery, not dodge.

Add socket to belt.

Enchant Legs.

Enchant boots with + 150 stamina because of the first talent you're running. Respectable trinkets, especially the dragonling.

For some reason your main hand has no strength?

Race change from a female tauren :(

----- Never forget to apply 10% phys damage reduction via HOTR, and always keep sacred shield up -----
Gear is easy enough to sort out, but play style is usually the issue.

Assuming all Prot Paladins can dodge fire on the ground, the thing that separates good ones from bad ones is their usage of SotR. When doing instances or raids, get used to paying attention to the swing timer on the bosses to mitigate those big hits, rather than hitting it off CD.
Huss hit most of the major stuff, though I would disagree on the boots enchantment, get mastery/run speed and pick long arm of the law from the first tier talents, which imo is the most useful from a tanking perspective, especially on fights like Will.

For some reason your main hand has no strength?

Actual tank weapons on the 463 ilvl are !@#$%es to find, there's only two available via heroics and ones an epic rare drop(and both drop from the same instance, brewery).
So are you saying change all gems to sta ?
If i do that will put me further from 7.5% hit 15%exp ?
We're saying you shouldn't gem for pure stamina at all
Mmmhmm. Focus on getting to the hit cap and expertise hard cap. That'll let you get more SotR's off which = more mitigation. Unless someone's dragging you into a heroic raid, you'll have more than enough hp to be functional in normal mode raids.
Ok changed a couple gems and enchants I am at cap's now for hit/exp.

any other advice?

Thanks you all for the responses.
We can't really see those changes until you've logged out. But, let me recommend wowreforge.com if you're not sure how to optimize your own refoging. You can also get reforgelite for an ingame version.

But like I said, its all on you. Make sure you time those SotR's properly, and stay out of the bad stuff on the ground and you'll be fine.
You're good on the expt and hit caps now, as you gain gear you'll want to gem less and less for it and depend more on reforging, now you'll need to pick either mastery or haste as your go to stack, both are fairly close to each other in viability so its mostly personal preference, stack haste to increase your aggro, self healing, and holy power generation/shield of the righteous uptime, stack mastery to increase shield of the righteousness effectiveness and block. Haste stacking is normally easier on the healers as it smooths damage taken, mastery is a bit spikier.

You'll want to replace thse stam gems in your chest

I notice on several pieces of gear you've reforged out of parry instead of dodge(chest, legs, and ring), you'll always want to reforge out of dodge if its available, as its our least effective stat. Your boots also have some dodge you should reforge to something else.
01/06/2013 07:47 PMPosted by Retsu
I notice on several pieces of gear you've reforged out of parry instead of dodge(chest, legs, and ring), you'll always want to reforge out of dodge if its available, as its our least effective stat. Your boots also have some dodge you should reforge to something else.

If you're going to bother optimizing dodge/parry ratio, better plug your numbers into the DR calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AjPXp3A1frAgdFQzc3hRSjNuYUZDZzFqcjRESkVXb0E#gid=2

It's not always parry > dodge, in fact my current stats result in a "more dodge" verdict.

Not much more to do with gear, log your fights and try to reach at least 35% ShotR uptime. Ssims reach 40% without using T5 talent, but we're humans with reaction time and latency.
For pally tanks, if it doesn't have crit, is strength based, and plate, it's goooood for us. Don't know what you have by way of your dps gear, but if you have any dps gear that has haste/hit, haste/expertise, mastery/hit, mastery/expertise, or simply haste and mastery, they would provide you with more mitigation then dodge and parry would. Of course, reforging shared pieces between sets can some times be a pain in the behind due to having to keep your hit and expertise levels for both sets.

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