499 Feral and 496 Lock 5/16H Seeking Guild

Guild Recruitment
Thirteen Thirty Seven - US Lightbringer is currently 5/6H 25 vaults. 3/6H 25 man Heart of Fear. 4/4 (Elite) 25 man ToES.

Raid times (PST):

Tuesday 7:00p - 10:30p
Wednesday 7:00p - 10:30p
Thursday 7:00p - 10:30p
Monday 7:00p - 10:30p

We recently converted back to 25 mans and are looking for more for the 25 man core. The main reason as to the recent conversion is because the guild went into hibernation back in January of this year after going 6/8H in Dragon Soul and getting a US 60 H Rag kill. Many of the guild's main raiders became bored with the content and decided to stop playing and have recently came back to the game, hence the switch from a small 10 man back to 25. Many of the main raiders from that 6/8H Dragon Soul group have returned to raid and we are looking to fill the gaps in our roster. These gaps have caused us to 24 and 23 man our two of our three H Stone Guard kills and 24 man our H Feng kill. The talent is their for many of our players, but we are still in need of more raiders.

We are recruiting the following classes / specs:


1 Shadow Priest
1 Holy Paladin
1 Boomkin
1 Rogue
1 Mage
1 Fury Warrior
1 Warlock


1 Feral Druid
1 Mistweaver


Anything else not listed above. This includes healers and tanks not listed above.

Although these are considered what we need now, we are accepting applicants whom we consider amazing. We usually do on the day replies and interviews for all applicants (Unless its really late or during the raid times).

Loot Distribution:
Loot is done in a loot council format.

What we expect from you:
Make 95% of raids, know all heroic fights, provide amazing performance (interrupts should be flawless, environment should be flawless, dps/hps should be very high). We understand RL situations come up. Please notify us via our forums or in game for late or missed raids. 100% enchants, gems, strategies and tactics known.

Apply at :

Realid Contacts:
GM: tibiron#1639
If you're still looking consider dropping us an app: http://www.acdsheep.com

Another Alliance guild, I know, sorry. There are days I wish I was still Undead but...

We have a very solid guild that is always pushing steady progression. Currently 6/16H - US#166 and climbing. While we're not looking specifically for a Feral we would be happy to find a good one to add to our roster and would very much like a good Lock.

I hope you'll at least check us out. Inc guild spam:

Raid Times:

    * EST - 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays
    * EST - 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM on Sundays
    * Invites go out 15 minutes before the raid begins.

About us:

<Electric Sheep> is an established 25 man raiding guild on Kargath-US a PvE EST Chicago datacenter server that has been raiding since Vanilla.

We have a unique mix of a casual approach to the game combined with a serious approach to raiding. We understand that real life is always a priority, but during raids we expect players to be capable, prepared, and communicative. It is this attitude that allows us to make such significant progress in the game while only raiding about 10 hours a week.

Raid spots are given out on a raid-by-raid basis based on whoever signs up for a particular night. There is no set raid team. Progression raid spots are given out based very heavily on merit, farm raid spots are more dispersed to give new members an opportunity to show their ability.

On a personal note the guild is full of great people and amazing officers. The guild is and has been drama free. Everyone is treated with respect by all members of the guild. It can be a great home if you're looking for one

Loot System:

Loot is distributed based on our own version of a zero-sum DKP system that we call Electric Sheep Points, or ESP, that is updated for each player week by week. Items are assigned a cost based on their ilvl, what slot they go in (armor, jewelery, weapon, etc...), and our progress through the tier. As time goes on, the price of items declines, which puts a premium on getting something first, and allows newer players and alts to get items from older content at a discount.

When an item drops, anyone who wants it /rolls and posts their ESP in raid chat. The person with the highest roll who has sufficient ESP to cover the cost is awarded the item. There is no discussion necessary, and no bidding.

You gain ESP by showing up to raids on time, staying the whole time, and for attempts on bosses (so if we don't get any drops you still earn points), based on the amount of points people spend for items that week.

Recruit Policy:

Recruits undergo a roughly 1 month "trial period" after joining the guild, after which a decision to accept or decline the recruit is made. Recruits have normal loot privileges during their trial period, and begin with 5 ESP (which is sufficient to roll for most types of items, depending on progression).

More Info:

If you want to learn more about the guild or have any questions regarding recruitment, please visit our forum at http://www.acdsheep.com or contact an officer in-game. Good people to try are Dibbler, Remain, Alayne, Akorah or ask a member if there are currently any officers online or on alts.

Hope to hear from you soon! :D
Appreciate all the replies here that we've gotten. Rest assured, we've read them and will continue to.
In Omnia Paratus
US - Darrowmere
5/6H 6/6 4/4
World Ranking: 3493
US Ranking: 902
Server Ranking: 1

<In Omnia Paratus> Is an established alliance raiding guild on the Darrowmere server.
We have raided since Early WOTLK with a nice rate of success. We are currently 3/16 HM, and have the two most progressed raid groups on our server in our guild!

<In Omnia Paratus> Currently runs three 10 mans, and is in the process of re-forming our 25 man. We are currently looking for applicants for many of these groups.

What we need:
G10 [5/6HM, 6/6, 4/4] is currently in need of one solid DPS with a Healing offspec, or one capable Healer with a viable DPS spec. This spot is currently a Backup role, however our former backup was ranked in the top 25 on our server in terms of gear. You will get plenty of raid time!
Raid times:
Tue: 7:30-10:30 PST
Thur: 7:30-10:30 PST
Sun: 7:30-10:30 PST
Wednesday, Monday, and sometimes Friday are also added to the raid schedule if progression is needed to be made.

25 man: <In Omnia Paratus> [3/6 MSV, 2/6HoF] is re opening their 25man. At the end of DS IOP closed their 25man down and moved to some smaller 10s. While this has worked well based off our progression we are now looking to re open our 25man. As with any expansion some of our players left the game and we are now going to have core spots for the right players. NEED DPS!!!
Raid times:
Tues: 7pm to 10:00pm PST
Thurs: 7pm to 10:00pm PST
Sun/Mon: 7pm to 10:00pm PST (will be one or other)

Early Raid:[1/6HM, 6/6,3/4] Is currently in need of Ranged DPS.
Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-7:00PM PST

We do host multiple 10s and are always welcoming talented players into our rosters. So feel free to inquire about any of our raids or raiding teams.

-Be Ready & aware
-Know the fights & have done your research
-Be good at your job & willing to learn from mistakes
-Have a positive & professional attitude

How to contact us:
My battletag is Leftstep#1522
Recruitment Officer/25man Raid Leader: Slycem#1595

Feel free to discuss in-game with Slycem, Sonofshamm, Aurara/ Beauman.

You may also visit our website to fill out an application: Iop.enjin.com

Useful links:

Please, if you are interested in obtaining more information, contact me or any of the people listed above.
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Appreciate all the replies here that we've gotten. Rest assured, we've read them and will continue to.

Good to hear :)
Expanded on the OP a bit with commentary of my own over at http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1247188-499-Feral-and-496-Warlock-5-16H-LF-Guild - as well as some credentials explained better.
I'm Speak from Uprising on Aerie Peak, and I'm interested in talking with you both. We're 14/16H raiding Sunday-thursday 8-12 EST. If any of this interests you add Speakrsg@gmail.com and we can talk in game a bit.
[H][Arthas] <Static> 25m(8:45-12:30 EST)

16/16 Normal
10/16 Heroic


Tempest is recruiting!

Server: Bleeding Hollow US (EST)

Raid Schedule: Monday – Thursday, 8pm – Midnight EST. Invites start at 7:40.

Website: www.tempestBH.com

WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/bleeding-hollow/Tempest/rating.tier14_25

Rabid#1960 - GM
Seribus#1348 - Officer
Drovix#1451 - Officer
**Please leave a subject note and do not send blank friend requests**

About us:
<Tempest> has been raiding 25 mans since our formation in early Burning Crusade. We have a high level of consistency, and have constantly maintained a rank fluctuating between 60-80 US 25man over the last 3 expansions. Our goal is to provide a guild where players can clear all hardmodes and have fun doing it. While we take raiding seriously, we also try to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere during raids. Tempest maintains a no drama policy, which has been extremely successful for us to this point. Causing drama, loot whoring, and other behaviours that create a negative guild atmosphere are not tolerated. Loot is handed out through a loot council system, which is strongly preferred by our raiders to other methods of loot distribution.

Applicant information:
Recruits should be geared enough to contribute to raids, preferably in at least full normal mode t14 gear. While exceptions are always made for exceptional players, it is helpful if players have the gear to immediately step in and contribute to heroic mode progression. We do not expect that all applicants will be at our level of progression; however applicants must have a strong understanding of what to expect from encounters that we have cleared and are working on. While not mandatory, successful applicants should have significant hardmode experience and knowledge of all progression fights. In addition, a thorough understanding of your class and spec, as well as knowledge of how to maximize your character is highly desirable. Applicants should be able to fully commit to our raid schedule and be able to maintain at least 90% attendance. Since we run a small roster and do not recruit for the bench, we rely on our raiders showing up on a consistent basis.

We are currently 8/16 Heroic25 for Tier 14.

Tempest has a high need for the following specs:

Windwalker Monk
Mistweaver Monk
Restoration Druid
Balance Druid
Holy Priest
Shadow Priest
melee dps


While we may not have a high need for your particular class, we are always recruiting good players, and players who know their class and perform well will always earn a raid spot, regardless of whether we are recruiting that class or not.

To apply, please visit our website at www.tempestbh.org and look through the stickied threads in our applications forum. When you are ready to apply, please click the ‘Apply’ button at the top of the page. Your application form will then be automatically posted in the application forum, where members of our raid team will look over your application. This is the place where we will communicate with you regarding any questions we may have about your application, so please check back.

If you have any questions, please contact Rabid#1960 in game and I would be happy to answer them. Thanks for your interest in us and good luck!
Hey Bookker,

Vox Radix is a semi-hardcore, 25 man raiding guild on Darkspear, running 3 nights per week (7-11 MST Tues-Thurs) that is currently 9/16 Heroic Focusing on HoF and ToES. We have been around since early Vanilla and have maintained a high level of play throughout our raiding existence, earning nearly all server first kills. We are interested in adding any raiders that are looking for a guild and not just a raid group, though we do expect a high level of effort to be put forth in preparation, execution, attendance, and consistency from all our raiders.

If you are interested feel free to contact myself or any officer in game or at our website voxradix.guildzilla.com

For more additional info check out our recruitment thread http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6294789911

Best of Luck with your guild search!
We meet all your criteria with the exception of the horde preference and assuming you both preform well would have core spots for both of you. If you are interested please add either myself or lily to RID so that we can set up a mumble interview where we can look over logs and more easily communicate some of the finer details as well as answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Victory or Whatever --25 Man-- US-Whisperwind


Formerly known as <After Life>, VoW has been around since the middle of BC. We have endured our down times, and consistently remained a stable, fun, strong progression guild. We have an extremely unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet serious. We ARE NOT going to scream at you or berate you but we DO still expect you to perform at a high level.

Our current raid times are Tues, Wed and Thurs from 7-10 CST with an optional clean up night on Mondays at the same time. Because of our relatively light schedule high attendance for mandatory raid nights is a must. Between our 2 alt groups, challenge modes, leveling/gearing alts we are a very active guild on off nights and weekends. We are currently looking to improve upon our roster, not just simply fill spots.


You are a skilled player with a high interest in progression raiding. You show up to raids on time and prepared to tackle all content that might be attempted on any and every given raid night. You maintain high attendance and always inform your raid leader of an absence as soon as possible. You know the ins and outs of your class from stat priorities to rotation to cooldown usage. You do everything in your power to make sure you obtain the best gear you can outside of raiding. You are the best player(or very close) in your current guild. You take pride in both your numbers as well as your situational awareness as you understand that one without the other can only take you so far. Though it is not a deal breaker you ideally have a background of serious progression raiding. You are the type of player who is not intimidated by these requirements but excited by them as you would like to hold your teammates to these same set of standards.

Enh Shaman
Feral Kitty
WW Monk

*Please not we are ALWAYS looking to upgrade our roster. If you do not see your class listed but are confident you can perform at a top 100 US level do no hesitate to fill out an app*

Contact Us
Feel free to contact an officer in game, or use the following methods of contact.

Real Id

(Crimsonlily) Tabetha@woh.rr.com
(Ninjablaze) scarfacek1ngofny@yahoo.com

Website - wwvow.guildlaunch.com
Pals for life is a 25man semi-hardcore Alliance guild on Laughing Skull with 5/16 heroic progression. Raid times are 7:30-10:15pm CST on Tues/Thurs and 5:30-9:15pm on Sundays. Check us out at thepalsforlife.com
Hey there, we're a 14/16H guild looking to add a couple DPS. Warlock is one of our top priorities and feral will work quite well, also. Full spiel is below if interested.


Angry is an endgame guild that's been raiding on the Illidan server for nearly 8 years now (since Molten Core).

Quick Overview
Server: Illidan (PvP) - located in Chicago, Central time zone
Raid Style: 25-player, loot is handled via DKP (details on our website)
Raid Schedule: Sun-Thurs (5 days), 9PM-1AM Central
Website: http://www.guild-angry.org

Recent Accomplishments
* T7: US #22 Sartharion 3D 10
* T8: US #27 Alone in the Darkness (Yogg-0) 25
* T9: US #9 Tribute to Insanity 25
* T10: US #98 Heroic Lich King 25; US #77 Heroic Halion 25
* T11: US #31 Sinestra 25; US #30 Heroic Al'Akir 25
* T12: US #39 Heroic Ragnaros 25
* T13: US #29 Heroic Madness of Deathwing 25

About Us
We have a long history as a solid raiding guild on the US's top server for raiding. Many of our current raiders have been here for several years, and the guild is still run by an original founder. We push to be as competitive as possible in raid progression, while retaining a positive environment. Our tolerance for drama, immaturity, or lack of effort is extremely low. We generally keep a smaller roster than many similar guilds, usually around 30-32 people, and as a result, we hold raiders to very high attendance standards. We don't recruit anyone as backups, bench, occasional fill-ins, etc. As with other guilds, trials and brand-new members may be asked to swap out more often than people who've put years into the guild, but we do our best to keep it fair, and ensure that nobody gets rotated out excessively.

While obviously most people don't remain full-time raiders forever, not too many people ever leave our guild and we've built up a sizeable community of retired raiders. Combined with the fact that Illidan is probably the most active server in all of WoW, you shouldn't have much of a problem finding things to do.

We're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. Applicants should be drama-free min/maxers who know their class inside-out, keep up with all the latest changes to the game, and have stable computers and Internet connections. Potential members should also be able to attend virtually all of our raids without any recurring conflicts. We ask for a bare minimum of 90% attendance within our standard raid schedule.

If interested, go to our website and read the Guild Info & Policies page for more information on our guild, and the stickied thread in our recruiting forum for the latest information on which classes we're recruiting currently and how to apply.

Currently, we're most interested in:
1 Healer: Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, or Mistweaver Monk
1-2 DPS: Death Knight, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue, Feral Druid, Ret Paladin, Shadow Priest, or Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
Hi Bookker, I think we fit your criteria perfectly and would love to talk to you. You can reach me at Neidermeyer#1646 or any of the names listed at the end of this post. Hope to hear back from you soon.


Current Progression:


HEART OF FEAR 25 2/6 heroic
Heroic Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Heroic Blade lord Ta'yak

Heroic Elegon
Heroic Four Kings
Heroic Gara'jal
Heroic Feng
Heoric Stone Guard

Dragon Soul HM 8/8
25m H: Firelands 7/7
11/13 HM 6/6 BwD Cleared and Sinestra Down

Raid Times:
Mon-Thur 7:45-11ish EST

Current Needs:

Core spots available to exceptional raiders.


* Warrior - High
* Rogue- High
* Monk DPS- High
* Feral DPS- High Need
* Ret Paladin- High
* DK DPS - High
* Warlock - High Need
Note: We are always willing to consider highly skilled/geared exceptional players provided
they have a good attitude and work well with others, even if we aren't currently recruiting that class.

We're an 8yr old PVE Guild on Burning Blade.
Hardcore mentality with a lighter raid schedule 4 days a week.

We're currently progressing through 25m HM content visit our Home page

For updated recruitment needs or -
WoW Progress
for our updated progression.

Raiding Requirements

Its expected once lvled you'll run instances and gear yourself as best you can prior to raiding-All gear obtained via raiding is expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted to be considered.

Must know content. Theorycrafting fights and being familiar with the content as we get to it.

We have a minimum 3-4 Week Trial Process.

Apps are required to keep high attendance during their trial.You must be able to adapt to the guild and get along.
We don't like BS/Drama. We have a healthy mix of ages in the guild w/the majority of the core/officers being over 25. We're all growns up!

The ability to take criticism - Knowledge of your class
We are not here to teach you how to play. You must be familiar with your class's role in a raid environment.You should know the appropriate DPS cycles and the various pots/buffs you need to perform at your maximum potential.
As well as having a functional PVE Offspec w/gear and the ability to play it-which not a requirement surely an added bonus.. could even give you an edge over another app...

We understand that sometimes RL occurs, but we require our raiders to maintain high attendance. Its expected to communicate with us about your availability. Mumble installed with a working microphone Stable internet connection- You are no good to us if you DC constantly on fights.

Apply @ www.aof-guild.com.
If you have any questions about AoF you can PM Lyg our GM on our forums or chat with any officer in game-(Guild Rank 2 on Armory)
Officers are


Raid Leader
Gesen - RealID Cmead021@yahoo.com

Mochi - Bnet : Vagrancy#1129
Saiyan - Saiyan227@ymail.com
Howdy, potential applicant. We are <Results May Vary>, the result of a merger of two higher end raiding guilds on Shadowmoon. Since our merge, we have been steadily killing heroic bosses and are challenging not only the top guild on our server, but the top guilds on high end servers for progression. In the interest of maintaining the aggressive pace at which we've been killing bosses, we are now opening our doors to excellent off-server players.

We need
Elemental Shaman
RogueWe are also interested in a tank with good leadership abilities, who can display clarity in intense situations and is vocal about cooldowns and actions he/she is taking.

<Results May Vary> has killed 10/16 heroic bosses. We have full cleared Mogushan Vaults on heroic, and the first four bosses in Heart of Fear. Amber Shaper is our current progression target and is expected to die within the next couple days.

Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8-11
Sunday: 8-12
Please be able to make all of these times. We are a small guild of friendly adults, so we will understand if work makes you miss a day or late every so often, but if you're scheduled to work until 830 every day this is not the group for you.

RMV is a group of people who strive to kill content while outperforming other players in their class and role. You should be a like minded individual. We expect you to be prepared with parses of your performance as well as clear knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your class when you contact us. You will also be prepared to rotate in and out for bosses, as our entire roster has been doing over these past few weeks. Loot is done simply on rolls, and you will be expected to discuss shared loot (accessories, weapons, tier tokens) with other members when it drops to see if it substantially benefits someone else over yourself. Lastly, you will be prepared, if chosen, to conduct an interview with officers and/or members over Ventrilo.

If you're still reading, and this sounds like something you're interested in, I urge you to contact either myself, Pedwik or Krutchs and arrange an interview.

Krutchs(Recruitment): Krutchs#1306
Foretay(Officer): Forte#1648
Pedwik(GM): Pedwik#1677
hi, add me to real id asap, stephen.barron84@gmail.com

The Family Business is a 6 Year Alliance 25m guild, and we currently have an opening for both of you. We raid Mon, Wed, and Thurs from 7 – 11 EST. Progression is 7/16H. Only looking for dedicated core members, so if you’re accepted you will be raiding. For more information check out our thread here or our website. If interested, please apply on our site.


Recruitment Thread:

Battle Tag:

Hi there. I'll save you the spam and give you some quick general info.

<Sunset> - US-Dragonmaw
Tues/Weds/Thurs - 7:15-1030pm PST

Current 25 progression:

5/6H MV
2/6H HoF
4/4N ToES

We're openly recruiting both of your classes at this moment. We had a later start than most guilds this expansion due to the amount of interest to return to 25 man raiding from a collective of friends doing a 10 man in the guild.

With that being said, the late kids to the party pretty much. Current progression represents this unfortunately.


Bnet: Maesta#1642
Hey Bookker and friend :o

<Pure> is looking for a feral druid and warlock You would be expected to contribute to our guilds progression and we have a proven track record of success :). We maintain a top US 35 25 man ranking while raiding four days a week and are 6/6 MV, 6/6 HoF 3/4 TES 25HM and all 25 man hard mode Cataclysm content while it was relevant, finishing with US 33. We also have an active rated bg group with several Grand Marshals. We raid Monday - Thursday, 7 - 11PM PST. If you're both pros and can be real beasts when it comes to DPS then don't hesitate to apply. Our guild is very stable and has been around for over 6 years under the same leadership.

For more information about us and recruitment, check out our forums at: http://pureraiders.com/forums
also check out our podcast::

If you have any questions, make a character on Antonidas and send myself or Magzs/Magzqt a tell in game. You can also contact me via real id empress_serenity@hotmail.com :)

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