Glyph of Inquisition

instead of a glyph it should just be off the global cooldown
01/09/2013 07:24 AMPosted by Vlada
This is how ret alway is. Ret dps in BC was good when you were at the peak of ilvl. Once you were in t6 with torch, you could really do some solid 1.3k-1.8k dps. The issue was that 99% of the Ret paladins never even sniffed 125ilvl in BC, let a lone 150ilvl.

That dps seems low ;o

I remember doing over 2k in SSC and getting a lot of hate for it :(

You were not doing 2k dps in SSC. World best on Brutallus with glaives was like 3.2k and out geared locks doing 3k.

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