[A-RP] The Shadowguard - Shadow Cult RP

Wyrmrest Accord
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Rearranged sections.

Finished Ritual section.

Removed rankings for space.
Bump for morning.
A bump. For you.
Tomorrow is a recruitment and events day! Yipee... bump.
Bump for recruitment day, I'll see you all in a bit.
Almost. Time. For. Me. To. Hop. Online.
Bump for Shadowguard RP!
*applies defibrillator* Live! Live, I say!
Bump for... I don't know.
Bump for Cursed legacy!
Bump for nighty-night.
Bump for Tuesday.
Bump for Wednesday and the plague. So many people sick.

Also, Nox, I put a bunch of glyphs that I didn't need into the GB. You could sell them and use the profits for guild funding, or keep them there in case someone wants them. Just thought I'd let you know

We might make our own warlock sweatshop, who knows. We'll see soon. It's Wednesday already. I can taste Friday.
Bump for The Dark Crusade, and all involved!
A bump for being terribly ill.

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