150 mounts ach

is this achievement bugged? i have recently picked up 4 new mounts and none have counted towards my achievement.
Did you get them on alliance or on horde? Horde mounts do not count towards your total on alliance, do not believe what the armory shows either it's bugged/crap.
i bought the 4 mounts on this toon. the augaust celestials and the 3 from golden lotus. i looked at the achievement, and it has not changed since i have bought the 4.
How many did you have before you bought them? Your statistcs show you with 129 currently and your achievement shows the same, last time someone had a problem like this it fixed itself when they logged but some still say it's bugged after doing so.
before i bought the 4 mounts the achievement said that i had 129. i just logged back in and it sitll says 129.

maybe the game just needs a day to catch up or something. but i wanted to check to see if this was a known issue or not. tried a quick search to see if the forums had anything saying it was a known bug, but i didnt see anything right off the bat.

ill give it another day, reset is tomorrow, maybe that will be the fix.
Might be bugged, I know while I've being doing pet battles, I'll go to check up on an achievement which was previously 4/6 crossed out, to suddenly see my progress at 0/6. So I think it's an achievement bug as a whole.

I'd try a relog, and even check 24 hours later as well to see if they have counted.
These kind of counters have always been buggy. Probably the next mount you get, the count will go up by 5 all of a sudden.
i put in a ticket myself a few days ago and the response was that it was going to the QA dept.

i have been horde since bc but until this xpac rolled an alliance monk. just hit exalted with cloud serpent and bought 2 more mounts and it did not give credit.

not sure if i need to buy them on the horde side or not. that would be kinda dumb tbh
well ive looked again, and the achievement is still at 129 for me. i figured after the reset, it would fix itself, but there might be a problem with it.
i have even looked at my activity feed, and there is not one mount i have bought this week on the feed.

another bug maybe?
Unless it's an achievement or fos that you get from certain mounts they don't show up on the activity feed.

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