[A] <The Company> (11/14 Heroic) Recruiting

You can apply at thecompanyguild.net

We are currently recruiting:
All Classes
-No class preference, just know your class and don't be bad.
-Heroic experience not required, but it would be great.
-We're not gearing someone from blues, but we are willing to take someone who needs some gearing.
-We're looking to expand our roster for Mythic 20man raids.

Our raid times are: Wed, Thur, Sun, 7-11pm

Current Progression:
T16 11/14H

-We only raid 3 nights so we expect raiders to be ontime for all 3 raids. If you cannot make our raid times all 3 nights on a regular basis please do not apply. We do know certain real life issues can occur and prevent you from raiding or be late for a raid. Sometimes emergencies occur and we understand.

-If you are not willing to sit out on occasion please do not apply. This does not mean we are recruiting you for the bench. If you are recruited you will be raiding. We have very little benched at once but like to keep a few extra spots just to be safe on nights when real life gets in the way.

In order to apply you must register using the link at the top of this post then find the "Applications" post in the only forum you will be able to view. Follow the directions there and your application will be reviewed the next raid day.

About us:
<The Company> has been on [A]Hyjal since September 2005. We're one of the few heroic raiding guilds on Alliance Hyjal. As an accepted member of <The Company> we will expect you to follow strict guidelines of raid awareness, raid performance, and to keep a positive atmosphere in the guild.

If you have any questions feel free to ask one of our officers via whisper or ingame mail. (Tip: Sending multiple whispers during raid time is not a good time.)

Moril - Guild Master
Andas - Raid Leader
Sylanah- Recruit Officer
If only I was still Alliance...my dream of joining The Company could have come true. Sad face.
Still looking for a tank so Kahl can play Ret. Open for skilled dps aswell.
Updated and Heroic Kings down!
Updated for 6/12 ToT
Updated for 9/12 ToT
Still looking for a tank and dps as we're now 1 boss away from beginning Heroic ToT progression!
12/12 and still looking for a tank as we progress into heroic ToT.
Too bad you dont need a tank AND healer :( Damn you package deals..
Updated for our first heroic ToT kill, Heroic Jin'rokh down.
Too bad you dont need a tank AND healer :( Damn you package deals..

In all honestly we don't really need a healer atm, but don't rule it out. We are always looking for great players wanting to join us.
2/13H now with Heroic Ji-Kun down this week
Heroic Iron Qon Down
Update for H-Horridon, H-Tortos, and H-Twins.
Now 6/13H
Hope things are going well for you Andas. Greetings and salutations from the best Prot Pally to come out of Hyjal-Alliance.

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