WTB Transmog items

Hey ya'll, I'm looking for a unique cloak to match a transmog set I have and would be willing to pay some gold for it. The cloak is Loque'Nahak's Pelt and has a chance to drop off of Loque'nahak, the rare spirit beast in the basin. According to wowhead, this item has a 100% drop if it skinned. I've been unlucky over the years to ever see this NPC alive, so if anyone happens to kill it, skin it, or see this cloak in the AH, please drop me a line in-game or here!

Also, I've had terrible luck getting Depraved Linked Belt to drop in Naxx for another mog set, or even it's BoE twin Torn Web Wrapping. If you happen to see the BoE around in your AH, please drop me a line and I'll gladly make a deal with you!

Anyone killing Loque around here?!?!? Paying good for his pelt and a Naxx belt
bumpin for some xmog help

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