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Aerie Peak
Hey all

Fury Warrior looking for a change. Current guild does not raid much almost not at all. We use to raid twice a week but good luck with that. I am looking for for a guild that requires a mdps if not its cool. I have other alts such as a DK LVL 90, Pally Tank LVL 87, Hunter LVL 86 and a Rogue LVL 85. If all goes well i can bring each one over one a time when possible. I have done all the LFRs yeah i know whoopie. Normal mode i have done 4 of 6 in MSV and thats it. Like I said i would atleast like to raid and cant be bored. I live in a PST time zone so it would be easier for me to raid since this a PST zone server.

My current server is central time so kind of sucks for raid beside GH has gotten pretty bad. Anyway raid times i perfer friday and saturday but willing to compromise. Hit me up GH or leave a message and we can talk. Laters

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