Worried about public rep, and game play

Its great to see the Pali community encouraging others.

Thanks for being good folks.
Not to be rude, but you're overreacting. Depending on realm population, there are thousands of players per realm. It's rare that you come across the same player more than once, unless that player is very involved in the game, such as a raid leader, active in the trade channel, a troll, or just a very good/popular player in general. It's going to take more than a few mistakes before you start getting a bad rep. Just learn to correct your mistakes and don't ninja gear and your rep will be fine.

Tanking is probably the most stressful job in the raiding game. Mainly just because you know that you're the engine that makes the train move. You do all of the pulling and positioning. The raid moves with you and that can be stressful for certain players.

I tanked through Classic, BC and Wrath on an old account, but have since retired from tanking. I feel like I did all there was to do as far as tanking goes. I had some great moments and memories, along with plenty of success gearing my character. I am not nearly as involved or serious with the game these days. I have now picked up healing as my new go-to role and I enjoy it. I have been healing since the start of Cata and I feel like it suits me well. I don't have as much time or interest in the game anymore, so healing gives me just enough that I feel more involved than just another DPS (no offense to the DPS out there, I just don't get much enjoyment from it).
Excellent improvements. Run heroic Brewery and Temple of the Jade Serpent in order to replace your weapon.

Hit and expertise caps are your most important go-to stat. Dodge/Parry/Mastery are all lower priority than 2550 hit and 5100 expertise. Reforge from Dodge to expertise, then parry to expertise, then mastery to expertise. This is because of your HP-generating abilities. A missed/parried CS or Hammer drops your survivability because you're losing the holy power and thus using SOTR less.

5100 expertise.
2550 hit.

Congrats on opening up the new LFR's! Good luck!
You need Recount, DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), and Auctioneer to tank effectively with pugs.

I really don't want to derail this thread, you guys are doing great and supporting Siseihra.

But what exactly is auctioneer going to do to help them in a raid setting?
You would need to read the full text and my response to understand
Tanks have a tough job. My irl firend is a fantastic tank. He keeps things going at a great speed, does tons of damage, holds agro, watches healer's mana and all that. But sometimes he gets the douche bag dps who doesn't take their pet off taunt or something and they rage at him like its his fault that things are going poorly. Everyone blames the tank, or the healer. Its a tough role. Just keep chugging along. You'll get better with time and practice. Good luck!
if you have the right gear for prot pally it tend to work out lot better i had the same problem you did at first to but when i realized intelect agility are useless i started to get better you want to go for gear that gives hit,stamina,strength,crit hit and so on as a prot pally your role in dungeons and raids to to deal as much dmg and pain in the mods as you can...and being able to heal yourself at tthe same tims is always a added bonus hope this advice helps you out
I admit, I haven't read the rest of the thread, so let me give you some quick advice.
Disclaimer: I don't tank, much for the reasons below, and particularly I find it incredibly boring, but to each their own.

1. First, don't give up, and don't let your self worth be determined by this game. Cheer up, a positive attitude will help immensely.

2. Learning to be a tank sucks. When in a group situation, EVERYBODY expects the tanks to generally now everything about their class and the encounter.

3. Following from #2, LFR/LFD are NOT places to learn. People in these instances are impatient and sometimes downright cruel. Stay away from them for now. So how do you learn? Your guild. Start running some dungeons with some of your guildees with the expectation that you are learning, they will be FAR more forgiving and helpful, especially if you have vent or mumble to talk out your struggles. If your guild won't help you with this, then honestly you are in the wrong guild.

4. What if you don't have a group? Practice on your own. If you are out adventuring, just help somebody else with a mob by taunting and taking threat and be the meatshield you yearn to be. No need to group or even talk, just help. If you can score one, try the brawlers guild, it will help you work with a boss mods addon and practice your interrupts.

5. Addons, there really is only two type of addons that is absolutely necessary. Omen, or another threat meter, it's your job to stay on top of the threat table. Some kind of boss mods addon (DBM, BiggWigs, etc), this is essential to keep you self aware of the major tasks expected of you as a tank, mainly taunting and interrupting.

6. Once you think you have mastered the basics. Jump into some REGULAR dungeons, they are super easy, and will help you learn more. No, most of the gear will be useless, but this is how you learn.

7. Now you are starting to get ready for the big leagues, you should know how your tank class works, research the encounters before jumping into LFR/LFD, everybody expects this of the tanks. I know its unfair a DPS can lol their way through LFR/LFD, but thems the breaks, you want to tank, then that is what is required. Open the Dungeon Journal in game, check out sites like

8. Finally, if you are confused about an encounter, just don't pull, speak up and politely ask for some basic assistance. Remember, be humble. Typing text can leave much to the reader to imply a tone when it is not intended, take the time to be polite and respectful.

Hang in there!
Hey fellow Underminian. Looks like you've resolved most of your gearing issues since starting this post. If you want to look me up and send an add I'll gladly help you out in whatever way I can :)
My main spec is Protection and I know what your talking about. I don't know whats with it and Prot Paladins, but I found people pulling off of me a lot easier than I have ever seen since playing my Paladin since WoTLk. I am just as confused as you are, and on top of that, your going to get jerks in randoms anyways, just ignore them. I know for a fact I have RF on so I don't want people complaining "You need RF on". Hopefully Blizzard will notice problems with Prot Paladins and their agro hold and make it better next patch.
I like Vuhdo. A -lot-. It's a healing addon (raid frames with some built in "clique" type abilities), but it shows threat.

If someone has threat, the border around their frame turns red. Very simple to use. No guesswork.

I used Omen while tanking on warrior. I like Vuhdo better while tanking on Paladin because I can easily click someone's frame to dump a hand spell or LoH on them (if it comes to that, in emergency situation).

Seems to cover all bases.

Also, tanking does take time. You can tell when someone hasn't been tanking for a long time. They hesitate, the rotation isn't as fluid, and they make mistakes like popping CD's too early or too late. It's kind of like being a passenger with a 15 year old, just got her permit driver. Can they do it? Sure. Is it a little scary? -Absolutely-.

The only way to get familiar with the fights though is to do them, over and over and over until you've got a natural feel both for your keybinds and for the fights. Try queueing as DPS a few times and see how other tanks are handling things. That can also help. If you have tank friends in your guild, talk to them and ask how they handle fight XYZ. Most tanks are more than happy to share secrets.

Anyway, good luck... keep trying. You'll be Sir Awesome in no time. :)
Dont let them get you down, keep at it! :) I remember the first time I tanked a dungeon back in Wrath.... I was a TOTAL noob, I didnt know what the hell I was doing at all.. I was always scared to tank because I didnt think I would be able to handle the pressure.... Just look at some pally tanking guides here on the forums or do what youre doing now, ask ppl how to improve and what to do :) If your honest youll get alot of help on here, the Pally forums are pretty chill.

If you wanna practice tanking put all your tank gear on, go out into the world and pull as much !@#$ as you can... I mean pull alot of stuff :) and practice holding aggro on everything and surviving.
Can't directly help with tanking, but I think you got some good help already. Just wanted to say keep up the work and you'll get better :) At least you're a tank who wants to get better, unlike some who think they're the best tank in the world and constantly disregard any good advice thrown their way and then blame others, like the healer :(

And yes, if you're just doing random dungeons don't worry about your rep, literally no one will remember you. I can't say the countless times I've kicked idiots or had awful runs and seen those idiots kicked; or seen jerks pull then leave. But I can't remember a single name from someone else on a different realm that isn't personally on my friends list.

Even if you're on their ignore list somehow they no doubt won't remember why they put you there a few weeks from now.

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