Interchanging Fist/Repentance macro help!

Hi all

Would love some help on a macro that has got me stumped, I want it to interchange when I change talent in between Fist of Justice and Repentance for arena 1 2 3.

So far this is what i'v come up with, the fist of justice works just fine but when i change rep spec it wont cast repentance.

Please help

/cast [target=arena1] Fist of Justice
/cast [target=arena1] Repentance
There's a way to do this with macros, but it's very tricky and requires some complex commands IIRC. I use a mod called TalentSpellMacro which lets you make a macro for a given talent tier, and then updates the macro whenever you select a new talent.
This is based on my level 90 talent macro, but it should work. Just replace "MacroName" in the last line whatever you name the macro. (The icon won't show after logging in until you press the button once, though.)

/use [@arena1] Fist of Justice
/use [@arena1] Repentance
/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("MacroName", G"Fist of Justice" or G"Repentance")
Keten you are a legend, I tried your macro out this morning and it works an absolute treat thank you so much!!!

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