Fran & Riddoh

Has any paladin successfully solo'd these 2 in the brawler's guild?

Curious, because my paladin has 450-463 gear on and can only kill Riddoh with 10sec left or Fran with 50sec left on the clock, but I see warriors (lolarms) and shamans wrecking their faces.
Did it in full deadly about a month ago. I killed the ogre and then popped everything on Fran.

Your bubble will absorb the enrage.
Did it recently. Take down the big guy first and avoid mines. Had insight up too.
L2dps. That is your problem.
When it starts getting around those fights they turn in DPS checks.
Think I've been using Insight in what little Brawling I've done. Lit this pair up like the Fourth of July.

...But, y'know, gear. They really should've normalized gear for Brawling like CMs, since Brawlers' Guild is supposed to be about player skill and not hideously out-gearing the fights. >_>

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