487ilvl Holy/Disc Priest LF Late Night Guild

Due to my current work situation, I can no longer commit to the 10 man raid group I have been in. I am very experienced on my priest as any spec needed to raid. This priest has been my main toon since Burning Crusade. I have raiding experiance starting from Kara to MsV now. My current experience in MoP is 10/16 on regular. I learn fights very fast, I am open to any sort of critisism and I work well with others. I am keeping an eye out on the forums and trade/general chat for a guild that might fit what I am looking for.

The days I am looking for as as follows
Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed
Atleast 10pm start time until whenever.

I am open to raiding all 4 days, but I would like to keep it at 2-3.
I am open to either a 10m or 25m raid team. I have experience in both.

I want to keep on progressing and help the guild I am in get where we all want to go! If that means me going shadow, then so be it. I have raided as shadow before and am willing to get back into it.

If I am somebody your guild may need, post on here or get ahold of me in game by mail or an obvious whisper if I am online.

I hope to find a group soon! Good luck everybody, take care and thanks for hearing from me!
Bumpity up up. Recruit me and lets be friends!
Hey Marcil,

Diablerie is in the midst of rounding out a second raid team and are looking for another solid healer to add to the mix. Normal raid nights are Sundays 9:30p - 1:00a and Monday 10:30p - 1:00a. I would love to get a change to chat with you. You can send me a battletag request at Krenaa#1950 or send me an ingame mail.

You can also chat with most others who are online or ask for El or Krenaa.

hope to talk soon!
Bumping this back up! With an illvl update, I am now at 491. I am still looking for a guild and days as is posted in the original post. I am looking to be in close to a 16/16 normal or farther. I am willing to be in as a back up to start, trying to raid late night I know it is hard to find a guild that works best, so just being around to earn a spot would be awesome. Still get ahold of me in game or on here if there is a potential spot for a priest that can do all specs!
Marcil is a fantastic asset to any raid group. Sad to see him go. Best wishes for sure.
<Prophets of Fury> is recruiting all classes, especially healers. Whisper Serenoa, Vei, or Pänts in game for more info. We raid 10pm-1am server time on Tues, Wed, Thur.

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