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Hi Guys

After coming back from a break at the end of Tier 11, my wife and I would like to get back into raiding. We are capable and knowledgeable players who excelled in WotLK and Cataclysm Tier 11 raiding before taking a hiatus for other commitments.

Link to my armory

Link to my Wifes

We do prefer to play as a pair as WoW is something we do together and are available during week nights 7:30pm ST onwards and on weekends. We are aware that our gear is not exactly up to scratch but its all enchanted and gemmed and really shouldn't be an issue.

You can contact us via ingame or on here if there is any interesting and we thank you for taking the time in advance and hope we can find a home here.
Hey Adenah,
put an app onto
we're a relatively new guild (but not inexperienced - all from vanilla/bc hardcore raiding guilds) that raid Thursday and Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm server time.
Or just send myself a whisper in game, if I'm not on just ask anyone in the guild for me as I have many alt's.
Hi guys

Hey fellas!

I run a semi casual 2 night a week raiding roster on a Wednesday and Thursday 7 - 10 AEST (an hour behind server during the current daylight savings)

I read your post and I can say im interested. Our team consists of 11 men, 8 of which have been playing since BC together. We have also raided hardcore and pushed to 11/12 ICC HM in WotLK on Frostmourne horde side. We transfered back here to cut back on the time required to play the game.

Although we didn't raid much in cata we came back in firelands briefly to knock over the normal content and again in dragon soul to get 6/7 HM. We didn't like cata much and spent the majority of our time just pvp'ing.

Our first raid of this expansion was last thursday after getting the lads back from holidays and getting back into the swing of things. 12 wipes on dogs and we're past the stone wall easily enough, ready to push hard on the two days a week we raid.

We are a group of experienced players who are keen to get the most out of our raiding in the short time we're all available. We knuckle down, you can expect to see similar practices that you experienced in your old hardcore progression guild. Just not to the same extent.

Time not spent raiding is usually spent pvp'ing in a group. We have QQ raid leader in there who usually runs our own, private premades. Which are INCREDIBLY fun. Two days ago we ran with 8 guildies in AV and achieved perfection. Pretty fun at max level.

What i can offer you is a permanent position for the mage, and i'd have to have a further talk with the priest. I'm sure you guys aren't new to subbing in and out. A balance of taking the best players for progression and keeping things fair for all members. I also plan on expanding into a second team when I find a suitable leader.

The average age of our guild is 24. We have two gents over 30 and three younger ones under 20. However, everyone gets along like glue. I honestly think that we can offer you a more personalized experience than 95% of the current Aman'Thul populous. To my knowledge there are only 4 guilds with as much stability and history as ours. Ten, Pac Phoenix, Pitch Black and of course ourselves. As the GM I started my raiding career here on Aman'Thul 4 years ago and played Juggernaught and Brute Force (top 10 oceanic guilds). Eventually leaving for frostmourne where i ran my own guild through ICC and the end of cataclysm, until returning to Aman'thul last year to slow down. is my real ID, hopefully i can chat to you guys when i get home from work.

Totally not supposed to be working at all... *cough*

Hi there, if you'd up for considering a transfer to dragonblight I can offer core dps spots right away. We just converted from 10 to 25 and are still a bit lean on numbers (pulling in friends n family members) so you wouldnt be taking or competing for someones spot. We are a very low drama guild with little tolerance for it.

if you are interested and have further questions send me a whisper to iamhelly#1873
  • They found a guild.
  • Also, there are Dragonblight forums for that, posting your recruitment thread here is aginast forums rules
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    If you continue to Post on Aman'thul forums for your guild. Expect a temporary ban.

    Enjoy your day
    Hi Adenah,

    You may want to consider joining [Alliance: Aman'Thul] <ThreatImpact> we have tanks and healer to queue for ur dailies (random heroic dungeon, random heroic scenario etc...). It will be an honor to have your presence in our guild...

    Tentatively raid schedule will be as follow:

    Wednesday: 1930hrs - 2100hrs (MoP content)
    Saturday: 1930 - 2100hrs (Old school raid content)
    Sunday: 1930 - 2100hrs (Mixture of MoP + Old school content)

    See ya in-game my friend...

    Best Wishes,
    Ocalite (Btag: Jeuron#6643)

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