Is Ele shaman DPS bad, or do I suck?

My main spec has always been resto. I like it, and I feel like i am good at it. My offspec is elemental, mostly because I can share some gear between them. However, my DPS is abysmal, often in the 30-40k range single target. I realize that I am possibly at fault here, but the elemental rotation/priority is pretty simple.

Is ele shaman DPS comparable to other classes and specs, or is it lacking? I know in LFR I never see shaman in the top 5 DPS, but DPS shaman are rare anyway. Feedback is appreciated.
it is gear based im not to geared but stay at least 2nd in dps enhance has better dps though
Ele dps isn't the best, but with your gear you should be doing more dps. One thing to try is getting an addon called elementarist - it's an addon that shows you what spell to use. While ele dps isn't the hardest, if you are wasting lvb procs or delaying it by using lb more than you should, along with letting fs fall off and not using earthshock at the right times, your dps can really suffer.

Now, that addon isn't going to make you king at ele dps, but it will definitely help you out if you aren't ele spec full time and don't know all the intricacies of ele dps priority.
Yes the basic rotation is relatively simple, but maximizing your dps isn't. An incredibly major part of our dps is tied to ascendence, so you will take a huge dive if you use it at the wrong time or do not know how to align it with cooldowns.

If you are primarily resto, then I'm sure you probably have some major gearing issues as well (trinkets, hit cap, improper gems/enchants/forging, etc.) that will make a big difference. Also, you should be taking elemental blast over primal elementalist.
I wouldn't worry to much about Elemental's dps right now. In relations to other dps specs in the game with equivalent gear, it's follows into the lower middle rankings. Even with your healing gear, you'll kill more proficiently then if you just did it as Restoration. As far as LFR goes, you can't use that as a comparison. There's all sorts of players at different gearing levels. I for one have been in the top five many times. Elemental is easier going then Enhancement for killing multiple trash. But otherwise, Enhancement is a very strong dps spec right now. 5.2 can change things so wait and see what's shaping up for Shaman DPS.
It's bad. But it's a hell of a lot better than it was in DS. At least I feel competitive.

I'm also a little bit curious about Executes. Blizz gave almost every class an execute now, and buffed the hell out of them so they actually felt like executes. We don't have one. And I think we pay the price for it.

We're also terrible at target switching on adds that are going to die -- Will of the Emperor is terrible for us.

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