Ret pvp boot enchant

I am searching through some boots enchants on AH and I see one that increases my Haste by 175, so it looks like the best choice to me and I take it. Then I go on Noxxic and see that it recommends the boot enchant that increases Mastery by 140 and minor run speed.

Haste is the best stat for ret atm but why does it recommend 140 Mastery over 175 Haste?
Does that Minor Run Speed actually make a big enough difference?

I noticed Vanguards also has the Mastery and speed enchant D=
Yes, the run speed makes a difference. Being in melee range is much more important than one-third of one percent of haste.

If you use PoJ, the haste enchant is great, but LAotL is generally preferable for PvP.

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