Level 25 Guild for sale, for the right price

Aerie Peak
Hey guys. I dabbled with trying to create a casual raiding guild, but the low population on this server makes it excruciating to even recruit lowbie levelers. I'm interested in unloading this guild for the right price. It has 1245 achievement points and 7 bank tabs. Most of the guild rewards are unlocked for members to purchase. I'm not hurting for gold, so I just wanted to offer it for anyone that may have a desire to own it. I know what it's worth on this server, but feel free to PM me any reasonable offers you have.

If things don't work out, I'll likely just hold on to it for a while for storage and eventually transfer it to another high-pop server where some of my alts reside on to give them some extra coin when I sell it there.

I have an interest in this. Hope we can catch each other in game.

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