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This was started on the General Discussion forums, and that thread is nearly at 500 replies. So, I figured, why not start it here?

My name was originally Dagaraghan, and that was from the Random Name Generator. This name is from Golemagg the Incinerator of Molten Core.

My paladin's name was originally Serinar, a black dragon in Dragonblight. Found it hilarious that I wasn't reported for it. His current name is one I came up with.

My first warrior, Delenor, was originally Maydies, reference to the legend himself. Even had someone whisper me in an Arathi Basin match that I was his hero. Delenor came around because that name was another well known Warrior around Maydie's time.

My DK was originally named Monori, the hunter from Tales of The Past. She became Gearbreaker, the famous warrior. It's now Dethwind. Add the a between the E and T, and change the D to G, and you've got Deathwing.

My 2nd warrior was named Thrashmetal, ANOTHER well known warrior influenced that. It then became Klinda. Ever since I took that name, I feel that I've tapped THE Klinda's energy. I seem to draw energy from Metal.

The 3rd warrior is named after yet another famous warrior, Effancy.
I may be way off here but something tells me you are fond of warriors...

I picked Candela because it's the SI base unit of the luminous intensity emitted by a light source, which I felt was appropriate for a paladin. I also think it sounded pretty!
This shaman's name is a conglomerate of Chinese words.

Shui = water
Huo = fire
Tu = earth
Fauxpaw is based off the French phrase 'faux pas' (false step), said when one violates the social norms of the area or to do/say something which is considered taboo, aka to commit a faux pas.

It is NOT pronounced 'fox paws'. >:|
The paladin that Golemagg was mentioning?

That's me.

And yes, I did come up with this name. The Tyraz in the name is influenced by Tyrannistrasz. The -dormu is the Bronze dragon male ending.
My character was originally named Raederle, which is from Patricia McKillip's wonderful Riddle-Master trilogy. I just really like the character Raederle in those books... When I transferred to RH I had to change the name, and I thought Ryoka was a fitting name since I was an outsider coming to the realm. (in the anime/manga Bleach Ryoka means outsider or intruder; in real life it translates from Japanese as 'one who is regrowing' or something similar) The diaeresis is there because I didn't want to think of another name...

I eventually managed to come up with a RP basis for the name, too...
Random Name Generator for Mazzle. My old toon was Snoodles. I got that name from a dual boxing Paladin I'd play with the first month I ever played WoW. Snoodles and Coolface were his names.
Oolaki is just a name that sounded "trollish" to me. (this toon is from Vanilla and was a troll)

I later started to write it as "Ula Hak'ki"

Most names I create are ones that sounded plausible/interesting.

Fagerboozle is actually derived from my old boss's last name: Fagan and the name generator's "Erbooze' and the "le" was just to make it sound funnier.

"Landreth" is the last name of a company VP that I really enjoyed working for.

"Xelas" is a corruption for the word "Zealous"
Regalus was my first toon who was a Mage...those two things alone are probably enough to let you know the name came from Harry Potter but with a different spelling.

After BC hit I came to Ravenholdt with my disbanded guild from Vanilla and rolled an Undead Rogue named Vendetta among all the Belf Paladins. This was after I saw V for Vendetta the first time...V fought with swords, revenge was always a fun thing, and it all fit for me. Plus the name was open!

After Arena Season 4 I left the server and transferred him to KT right before I left for boot camp. Apparently I was not as clever as I thought I was with his name because Vendetta was taken on KT! I took up the name Asylum always looking forward to being "Asylum the Insane" one day...never motivated enough to finish it.
Cayreth was taken.
Durh is from a barbarian I used to play in ADnD. As you can guess, he was about as dumb as a sack of hammer.

Krahmm is stolen from Conan. His pet Bitey is named after a possum on The Simpsons.

Humyn is some weird conjugation of Human and Womyn, but it makes sense in RP terms as it's supposed to remind her of what she used to be.

Helys just sounded interesting. Most of her pet names start with H for some strange reason.

Stuyvesant ... probably because Kierkegaard was taken. Beyond that, I don't remember. In my head, his full name is Stuyvesant Stuyvesant. So there's that.

Haibai and Baihai are stupid internet things that just sound like names and are RPish enough to get away with, I suppose. Certainly more RPish than some. I frequently mail stuff to the wrong one though, so maybe not the wisest choice.
When I awoke Forsaken, I decided to keep the name I had in life.

Oh' Oolaki .... From Troll to Dwarf?!
My mind is officially blown.
Oh' Oolaki .... From Troll to Dwarf?!
My mind is officially blown.

Well... I already had had a Draenei shaman (Yulia). And I decided that I wanted something cute and sexy for the second shaman.
Kiraleen was a character in a Pern club.

Meia's is from Tanith Lee's Wars of Vis trilogy.

Hardkandy because when I saw "Can a rouge open a lockbox?" in Trade, I wanted to be able to say "Yes!" All my rogues are named after makeup brands. XD

Dinpik was also the name of my first Baldur's Gate character.
In order from most interesting to least imo:
Loksley created for me by my sister: after Robin of Locksley from, of course, Robin Hood

Soochi originally a troll, and sounded very trollish.

Grukajin random name generator + fixed to add jin at the end as he is a mage, which is close enough to a djinn to me (especially with the top knot)

Caries the warlock, dentist lingo for a cavity, means "rotten"

Reube formerly Felrin which was very blood elfy, now named after Reuben Goldberg

Kilgorr was RNG, and Maetus is after King Midas.

I particularly like Shuihuotu and Oolaki as names. :)
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*bawls his eyes out*

*wipes his eyes* I remember Bitey. Me very first pet. Had 'im fer 57 levels.
Halldor was named after an Icelandic writer.

Bjarter was named after one of the characters from his book.

Sabiya I got from a baby names website, I believe it's Persian

Parham is another name from a baby names website, also Persian. I met a guy at a coffee shop who's name was Parham, he didn't seem impressed that I had a World of Warcraft character with the same name.

Cantara was froma Dead Can Dance song of the same name.

Waesche was named after one of the new Coast Guard Cutters.
Mishmash of pigeon Russian and pigeon WoW Orcish, for dark or shadowed victory and to sound growly and abrupt.
Eanikth was random and I changed a letter or two I think, I thought it was a cool undead game.
Name: Unknown by the Forsaken and seemingly forgotten by 'Mock'.

Mockrabbit, or 'Mock', is what he responds too now as a nick name.

History: - It is know by the Forsaken that Mock was reborn in Trisfal, raised by a Valkyrie from a shallow unmarked grave outside of cemetery at Brill. It was initially believed that he had was 'mindless' as there was no initial response from him when he was resurrected and the he seemed to stumble around mindlessly. The order was given for his termination but by that time he had disappeared. The Forsaken Death Knight, Luebella, found him in the woods at Trisfal northeast of Brill with a Snow Shoe rabbit that he was calling 'Ottis'. He was brought back to Undercity where he was able to show that he was coherent, although his memory previous to him finding Ottis, is blank or hazy at best.

Due to his attachment to 'Ottis' (and his strange affection for most rabbits) to whom he talks to and seems to respond to himself in a separate distinct voice as 'Ottis' he was dubbed 'Mockrabbit' by Luebella for a temporary designation that has become permanent. 'Mock' doesn't seem to mind this. It is still unknown how he came into contact with the rabbit, nor why he insists its name is 'Ottis', or why 'Ottis' seems to have an unnatural attachment to Mock.

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