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This has been a very interesting read! I love seeing where people get their inspiration from. :) A few of my character's names have stemmed from the idea of "What nickname will I not mind hearing all the time...?"

Katelle came about because of "Kate" or "Katie," the latter of which I went by for a while until she became known ICly as simply "Kate." The "-elle" is a remnant of both French class in highschool (which I was taking at the time of rolling this character) and another character I had on a different server, Sophielle.

Ketani (my warlock),who came long before Katelle, was named for a character I wrote for a story group comprised of several friends in high school. She was an assassin type, regrettably a tad on the OP side with her use of psionics (it was a long time ago ><). The name was ORIGINALLY that of an OC I wrote during my fanfiction phase, and loosely based off of another OC from a fanfiction I was reading at the time (and still am because the author takes forever to update and it's just really friggin' amazing all the way around).

Another "K" name (I apparently really like that letter) is Kriabryve - my little Goblin hunterbabby. For that one, I used a strategy I often do when making a new character: I spammed the Fel out of the "Randomize" button and took segments of various names I found, stringing them together with some extra letters thrown in between to make it sound better. Also, "Kria" just sounds really cute.

Omigod, a name that doesn't start with a "K" - Buckles! Originally intended to be a bank alt, I gave her an RP name (Regina Doltrim) and a backstory which made her character name make sense. The daughter of a blacksmith, she learned her father's trade and practiced on making buckles more than anything else. The nickname is a relic of her childhood.

Other characters I've had over the years, comprised of toons that I rarely play or names that I go back to when creating a new character, include Tamarynn, Azshaloria, Trinzie (always a female gnome), Sophielle, Dahliana, Sabine, and Sarise. These have either come from the same method as Kriabryve's (spamming "Randomize") or have bits and pieces from other various and sometimes unknown influences.

EDIT: I'm apparently very, very wordy today. ._. MY BAD.
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Cayreth was taken.

I bought the name for 100,000g off some level 1 priest in trade.
I'll sell it to you for 1,000,000g, because interest. (or is it inflation?)
EDIT: I'm apparently very, very wordy today. ._. MY BAD.

I love long stories! <3

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I'll sell it to you for 1,000,000g, because interest.

Pfft, pocket change! >.>
It's actually a variation on "Starian" from DDR 3rd Mix Korean V2.
Pfft, pocket change! >.>

So, inflation then.

I'll be happy to take your loose change off your hands.
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I'll be happy to take your loose change off your hands.

It' up. Yes!! What I actually carry around is significantly less, to be sure.
I suppose I can discuss some of my many alts!

    Flidais- apparently it is a Celtic goddess associated with wild animals and shape-shifting, according to some random online sources. Figured it was a good name for my night elf druid.

    Faust- based on a German legend about a scholar who sells his soul in exchange for supernatural powers. Works for a worgen warlock!

    Magistrix- I wanted my blood elf mage to sound important and it looks so professional. ^^

    Qigong- aka Chi Kung, is a form of exercise/meditation/alternative medicine, similar to yoga in some regards, that is a large part of Chinese culture. My Pandaren monk ate that right up.

    Medeina- apparently a animal/woodland goddess of Lithuanian mythology. It sounded pretty and seemed suited to my draenei hunter!

Disturbingly enough, I could actually keep going but my show-and-tell session has expired for the time being.
01/23/2013 11:42 AMPosted by Candela
I'll be happy to take your loose change off your hands.

It' up. Yes!! What I actually carry around is significantly less, to be sure.

Can I look inside your pocket?
01/23/2013 12:05 PMPosted by Cayreth
Can I look inside your pocket?

What a bold little man you are. Unfortunately, these armored leggings have no pockets.
01/23/2013 12:22 PMPosted by Candela
Can I look inside your pocket?

What a bold little man you are. Unfortunately, these armored leggings have no pockets.

Want me to sew one on?

I'll make it big enough to fit various useful things, like... millions of gold... gnome priests... things like that.
01/23/2013 12:30 PMPosted by Cayreth
I'll make it big enough to fit various useful things, like... millions of gold... gnome priests... things like that.

That sounds interesting and all, but not very fashionable.
"Gnomesacks: where the bold, little men in your life hang out...."
I started out with names of lichen genera for my druid, hunter and rogue.

Bryoria ( and her pets Parmelia and Sulcaria)

My paladin Kudzhan was named in accordance with whatever the ancient and obsure dwarven naming conventions are. The problem with understanding dwarven traditions is that you need to drink to tolerate sitting through the explanation, and by the time they're done explaining no one can remember what you were talking about in the first place. Presumably somewhere on Azeroth there is an elderly, inebriated dwarf that knows the history of Kudzhan's name and why it was given to him. Alas, for those of us who like our livers, it's likely to remain a mystery.

Tholurra was named at about 3 am. This is why the name is difficult to pronounce and easy to mis-spell. She should have had a lichen genus name, which is my standard for female NEs. Between when I made her and deciding that she needed a name change the remaining good lichen names were taken. So I had to come up with a new lichen genus suitable for application to a priest. Incidentally, if any of you happen to describe a new lichen genus and feel like naming it Leanthora, go ahead. Only character that I name-changed.

Torwilliber is a great name for a gnome. I just really like the sound of it. Has nothing to do with his being a warrior.

Staufus is also a gnome. Of course the anagram of Faustus goes with a warlock.

Teckafa is a gnome mage. Also a sleep deprived wee hours of a morning name, but I don't hate it quite enough to pay for a name change.

Huoshe should really be Huo She. Fire Snake in translation. I'm sure any correlation between that name and the sign that on the Chinese calendar that coincides with my birth date is purely coincidental.

Sifera is my DK. I think her name must have something to do with sounding similar to suffer.

Auctoron. Allegedly a shaman. Not sure how running between the Ironforge AH and the mailbox by the bank balances the elements and all that jazz. Obviously a bank alt. Impatientmailboxopener would have been a more accurate name, but I thought of Auctoron first.
Name: Unknown by the Forsaken and seemingly forgotten by 'Mock'.

Mockrabbit, or 'Mock', is what he responds too now as a nick name.

History: - It is know by the Forsaken that Mock was reborn in Trisfal, raised by a Valkyrie from a shallow unmarked grave outside of cemetery at Brill. It was initially believed that he had was 'mindless' as there was no initial response from him when he was resurrected and the he seemed to stumble around mindlessly. The order was given for his termination but by that time he had disappeared. The Forsaken Death Knight, Luebella, found him in the woods at Trisfal northeast of Brill with a Snow Shoe rabbit that he was calling 'Ottis'. He was brought back to Undercity where he was able to show that he was coherent, although his memory previous to him finding Ottis, is blank or hazy at best.

Due to his attachment to 'Ottis' (and his strange affection for most rabbits) to whom he talks to and seems to respond to himself in a separate distinct voice as 'Ottis' he was dubbed 'Mockrabbit' by Luebella for a temporary designation that has become permanent. 'Mock' doesn't seem to mind this. It is still unknown how he came into contact with the rabbit, nor why he insists its name is 'Ottis', or why 'Ottis' seems to have an unnatural attachment to Mock.

Timelord - got tired of Exarkun

Sol - The sun

Metatron - the angel

Sammael - the demon

Palpatine - Ele sham, chain lightning

Rassilon - inventor of time travel

Wbishop - inventor of multiverse travel
Well, since alts are being listed I might as well too....

Luebella (Female Forsaken Unholy DK) - Came from Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?
A bizarre murder that remains unsolved and is said to have ties to witchcraft and the occult. -for some info.
- Due to the darkness surrounding this, and mystery I took the name Luebella for my Forsaken DK.
After rebirth and transformation in to a death knight Luebella battled against the Lich King's forces in Northrend. After the war she returned home to her family in the Elwynn Forest in hopes that her family might accept her once again as most of the world now hated and feared her as an undead abomination. She sought comfort and tolerance so she could pick up where her old life left off. This was not to be. They hated and feared her. It was her father, a decorated warrior and blacksmith, that struck first and her brother and mother soon followed. Luebella walked out of the place she called home in her first life. She was the only one to walk out that dark night. The inferno she left behind made sure of that.
She only goes by Luebella now. Her linage is of no matter to her in her new life as one of the Forsaken, and a devote member of the Ebon Blade.

Yurrie Proud-Paw or 'Yuri' (Female Pandaran Wind Walker Monk) - Yuri was born and raised on The Wandering and trained as a monk like each member in her family had before her. The Proud-Paw family was also skilled in the use of herbs to create medicines and tonics on the wandering isle. This was their primary contribution in Yuri's home land, and as such she was also trained in these methods. The Proud-Paws are feared strikers, loyal friends, and honrable to a fault; even when enjoying a few to many brews.
((Yurrie = Yuri (don't look it up, just go with it :P) which means Lily in Japanese or Earth Worker in Russian. In this case it does mean Lily))
- I am still working this toon out but here is the very base for her.

Ulam Solstorm (Male Blood Elf Retribution Paladin) - Still haven't spent to much time with toon other than leveling off and on. I am working this out as I go long.
Ulam - From mathematician Stanislaw Ulam because of his discovery/obsevervation of Ulam's Spiral. If you're interested here is a link, from an artists stand point this is pretty awesome.
Solstorm - Sol = Spanish for sun

There is one more but he is Alli and on another server (Madoran)
Luoma nickname: Ruumis (Male Draenei Unholy Dk)
There is RP developing here, it involves someone else's toon and we are workign on it the odd time we meet up.
Luoma - A Finnish family name. Means 'to create'.
nick name - Ruumis - Finnish for 'corpse'
Just Because...
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Just Because...

Didn't you used to be a blonde?
I was in college and my roommate and I were planning on starting characters and leveling together. I had decided on the class and race earlier in the day but couldn't think of a name. My political science homework at the time had me reading a lot of manifestos on various view points. I thought the root of the word, manifest, went well with summoning, and the name sounded very flavorful.

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