501 Equipped Prot Paladin 11/16H

Guild Recruitment
Protection Paladin
viable off spec

>>Looking for either a 10 or 25man.
>> 11/16H 6/6H MSV 5/6H HoF
8/8H DS. Spine Blood Tank.
7/7H Firelands
10/13H 4.0
>>Available at anytime.
>>Testing on PTR is available.
>>Looking for a main spot, and able to take criticism very well.
>>Played for 3.5 years.

Please leave your info below and I will get in touch with you.

<Valhallas Finest> is currently recruiting all exceptional players of all roles, classes, and specs. We are currently 3/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, and 4/4 ToES.

About Us
<Valhallas Finest> is the premier Alliance raid guild on server Maiev-US. We were founded during Dragon Soul, after the founding members' guild broke up off server. Valhallas was formed to be the first progression focused, and high ranked, raid guild on Maiev-US. Thus far, we have successfully been working towards this goal.

We finished Dragon Soul 8/8H, alliance first. Currently, in Mists of Pandaria Tier 14 we are still the leader of Alliance Progression. In addition, we are in heavy competition with the former uncontested realm first team on Horde for the Server First Heroic Kills.

Furthermore, on January 8th, 2013, Valhallas Finest became the first raiding guild on server to go 25m! In order to facilitate the needs of a 25m raid team, we are opening up our recruitment to all classes, specs, and roles (with certain emphasis on particular classes, see below).

Current Tier
3/6HEROIC - Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 - Heart of Fear
4/4 - Terrace of Endless Spring

Previous Achievements:

Recruitment Needs
ALL exceptional players are considered, of any class, spec, or role! We are always looking to improve our roster!

BLOOD Death Knight - High Need
Hunter - High Need
DPS Shaman - High Need
BALANCE Druid - High Need
SHADOW Priest - High Need

Valhallas Finest currently raids four nights a week! We are on a West Coast server, however our roster is split between East Coast and West Coast players, so our times attempt to fit both time zones' schedule.

All times below are in server time, which is US Pacific time.
Tuesday -- 6:30-9:30PM
Wednesday -- 7:30-9:30PM
Thursday -- 6:30-9:30PM
Sunday -- 5:00-9:00PM

Following progression, our raid times typically scale down to 1-2 nights a week, depending on how long farm content takes to clear each week. In addition, we try to run 10m alt runs on Friday/Saturday, which are completely optional. We never ask our raiders to attend extra, optional, or extended nights/times! Our schedule is set in stone and we respect the busy schedules of our members.

Basic Requirements
    - We try to maintain a drama free and mature raid environment, so an 18+ age limit is recommended (Special cases may warrant exceptions).
    - Attendance is extremely important to any serious raid group, especially a 25m. Due to this, we require 90% attendance from our raiders. We understand real life happens, however this should not be regular occurrences.
    - An essential part to raiding, especially at a high level, is the ability to take criticism and improve based on feedback given to you. If you think you are doing everything absolutely perfect and have zero room for improvement, you are not for us.
    - Have knowledge of all of this tier's encounters. Our leadership will explain our strategy before initial pulls on progression, however we will not explain every individual mechanic. This is up to our raiders to learn prior to raid time.
    - Have a positive attitude towards pushing progression and rankings. Server Firsts, or other notable kill rankings, are rarely done in few pulls. Progression will involve wiping on bosses for a reasonable amount of time before kills.
    - Have a sense of humor! We are serious in progression and raiding, however most of us are friends in game, outside of raiding! Comradery and player cohesion is important to having a group that raids together well!

Interested? Read On!
If you believe everything above applies to you well, then you might just make a perfect addition to our team! Now what? Well, there are a number of ways to get a hold of us.

First, feel free to fill out an application over on our website (http://vfguild.guildlaunch.com)!! In addition, feel free to contact me in game for more details:

In Game Name: Lavathing
Server: Maiev-US Alliance
Battletag: Lavathing#1391

For the more expedited response we recommend applying at the website AND attempting to contact us in game!

Thank you for considering <Valhallas Finest> and good luck on your guild search!!
Thanks but i'm looking for a more progressed guild
Hi! We're currently looking for a non warrior tank. We're 10/16 Heroic with a 3% wipe to Vizier so very close to 11/16. If you're interested at all there is a contact battletag bolded at the bottom or you can check out our website. Hope to hear from you soon!

Big Crits is a high-end progression raiding guild located on Sen'jin. Our main goal is to kill heroic bosses as fast as possible while raiding within a 12 hour a week raiding schedule.
Our guild raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:00pm – 11:00pm CST (Sen'jin server time). Our raiding schedule is much lighter than usual during farm content.
We are currently looking for players that wish to play at a top 50 US 25m and top 150 World 25m level: players who understand the extreme hard modes; the research, skill and preparation required to be successful during a limited number of raiding hours.

Recent Milestones
We have maintained completion of all content while relevant since our inception. Our goal is to improve every tier with Mists of Pandaria being no exception.

- Top guild on Sen’jin; cleared Heart of Fear, Mogu’shan Vaults, and Terrace in the first week
- US 57 Heroic Will
- Sha of Fear US 12 World 50
- Grand Empress Shek'zeer World 24 US 18 25m
- 6/6 Heroic Mogushan Vaults
- Heroic: Four Kings US 46 25m
- Heroic Hagara World 10 US 5 25m
- Heroic Ragnaros world 284 US 97 25m
- Heroic Spine of Deathwing World 266 US 99 25m
- Heroic Madness of Deathwing World 322 US 107 25m
Recruitment Needs

Our current 25 man raiding team needs are:

-non-Warrior Tanks
-Resto Shaman with DPS offspec (preference)
-Holy/Disc Priest
-Holy Paladin
-1 Warlock
-1 Balance Druid
-Exceptional Ranged

All applications we receive will be looked at and considered regardless of our current recruitment needs. If you think you are an exceptional raider and you feel like you can be an asset to our raiding team, we urge you to apply!
Our application process usually takes around 2 to 3 days from start to finish. Our initiate period lasts approximately one month, to ensure both parties are a good fit.
Big Crits Show
Big Crits started in 2010 as a web-based reality series about real people conquering a virtual world. We thought it would be a cool idea to be able to let people see the people behind the characters though a web series. If you are interested in seeing some of the faces of Big Crits, we are currently rolling out season 5 and you can check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/bigcritsguild

Our standards are simple and consistent across all classes, specs, and players. If you want to make it from initiate to member and continue to be a part of our raiding team you need to follow and uphold our 3 philosophies.

1) Play your class well. In each applicant we look for like-minded players that are friendly and respectful, but players that are also able to perform well under pressure.

2) Play well with others. You, as an applicant, must be able to get along with the other people you raid with. That chemistry is very important for progression and new content.

3) Show your commitment to the guild. This is, simply put, just proving to us that you enjoy being here and that you want to be here. A more in-depth description is proving that you are able to be a member of the team: using our guild forums to discuss strategies, maintaining a minimum of 90% raid attendance, and showing up to raid on time and ready to progress.
Want to learn more?
Visit our guild site: http://www.bigcrits.com
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/team/bigcrits

Ready to apply?

If you have any questions about the guild or about recruitment, do not hesitate to message us on our forums or in game/via Real ID:

Sunkisttuna - Tuna#1998

Please add your class/spec to your RealID message so we know who you are!
Carried, 6/6H, 4/6H, 4/4N is now recruiting any exceptional player at carriedguild.net!

About <Carried>:

<Carried> was founded in March by two ex-top 10 world raiders with the intention of becoming a 10m hardmode guild that continually earns high-ranking kills while maintaing a normal raiding schedule. Having raided on the cutting edge of progression, I know what those top 5-10 world kills put into their kills, and it's too much of a time commitment for me now. I still want to push progression kills with skilled players, just on a limited and more focused schedule.

The idea behind <Carried> is that we are trying to recruit players with top-end raiding experience who want to push progression and ranked kills on a lighter raid schedule. We will only raid 12 hours a week during progression, but we will make the most out of every hour we spend raiding.

<Carried> is a hardcore, progression-oriented guild but with a casual, laid back raiding schedule.


T14: 6/6H Mogu'shan Vaults, 4/6H Heart of Fear, and 4/4 normal Terrace.

T13: 8/8H within 5 weeks of forming the guild


Some notable kills from when I raided with Adept (now Suit Up):

H Shannox:
World 28th
US 27th

H Ryolith:
World 10th
US 10th

H Alysrazor:
World 11th
US 4th

H Beth'tilac:
World 23rd
US 9th

H Baleroc:
World 78th
US 13th

H Majordomo:
World 75th
US 11th

Guild/Raid Leader's Experience:

Adept (now Suit Up), top 10-15 World Guild at the time.

Biggest Recruiting Needs:

Melee DPS (Warrior, DK, Paladin)

Ranged DPS (Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman)

Tank (Paladin, Druid, Death Knight)

Healer (Mistweaver Monk, Resto Druid, Holy Pally): being able to swing dps competitively a huge plus

Raid Times:

Tuesday: 10pm-1am EST
Thursday: 10pm-1am EST
Sunday: 10pm-1am EST
Monday: 10pm-1am EST

Note: We typically use Wednesday to reschedule raids if raiders have prior engagements on other days. It's a plus to be able to make those raid times on Wednesday as well in case we want to reschedule a raid for it, although not required.

How to Apply

Apply at carriedguild.net by creating an account and submitting an application. We'll review it quickly and get back to you as soon as we can.

Contact Information:

Email: blusenho@usc.edu
Website: carriedguild.net
How does 15/16Hm complete sound? How about a Sha kill away from top 3 US 10 man?

<Topped Off> on Illidan-US is a group of like minded players looking for high end progression but are not willing to sacrifice our lives to do so.

We raid on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7:00 PM CST to 11:00 PM CST.

<Topped off> consists of a tight knit group of players many of who have played together for several years or more. We pride ourselves on being fair and keeping a friendly light atmosphere. Our members come from quite a few top end guilds such as Vodka, Death Wish, Blood Legion, Tsunami, and Adept. If you are an exceptional player who is dedicated and loyal we want you regardless of past raiding experience. All you have to do is convince us.

We have downed everything this tier but Sha, and want to finish strong and prep for next tier and are currently ranked #3 US 10man, 13th US overall.

Our goals in <Topped Off> is to complete content in an efficient and timely manner while maintaining a fun light atmosphere conductive to long term raiding.

We don't recruit for the bench. Bring your "A" game and impress us.

Website: Toppedoff.enjin.com

Battletags if you have any questions: Hunger#1346, coachmcguirk#1860

We look forward to hearing from you!

Current needs are:

Prot Paladin
Late to the game, but catching up in progress....


Recruitment Thread:

Current 10 Heroic Progression:
6/16H - 5/6H Vaults - 1/6H HoF

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7pm-11pm EST
Monday and Wednesday possible cleanup/progression days.

Current Needs:
FULL TIME SPOT FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING - Ret Paladin, Mage, Prot Paladin, Blood DK, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Boomkin

Thankyou all, I will be getting in touch with some of you.

A Horde Guild with Server First Heroic Dragon Soul on Dentarg and realm first achievements is now opening recruitment to solidify and enhance our 10 Man Raiding Group for Mists of Pandaria.

Currently 5/6 Heroic MV 2/6 Heroic HoF 4/4 Terrace

Our guild is focused on progression and building solid raid teams with mature members who are interested in hardcore raiding. We are currently focusing on MoP and Server Firsts for –Mists of Pandaria-. We have multiple 10m raid teams hardcore and casual, all focused on Progression.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for raiders that strive to down Bosses and do what they can to make it possible with a mature approach.

Players that are proficient in their class and that are open to learning from more experienced players, Theorycrafters and Number Crunchers, the ability to learn quickly and to follow instruction well from raid leaders on strategies and specific Raid Boss Assignments.

A Mature Environment is Key.

Currently accepting Geared MoP Raiders.

We are looking for knowledgeable players in the following classes for Group 1 to raid with in Mists of Pandaria:

-Monk or Warrior Tank - High Priority
-Resto/Ele Shaman - High Priority
-Boomkin with Resto OS - Med Priority
-Shadow/Holy Priest - Med Priority

Exceptional players are always welcome to apply as well.

We have excellent raid leading and strategy assessment from very experienced players and raiders, currently raiding three/four days out of the week.

-Group 1-

Tuesday 8 pm - 9 pm Eastern Start to 11-12 Est
Wednesday 8 pm - 9 pm Eastern Start to 11-12 Est
Thursday/Monday 8 pm - 9 pm Eastern Start to 11-12 Est

-Group 1 Extra Day-
Sunday or Monday Same Schedule

We have 1 other 10man team that are raiding MoP at various times including weekdays, late at night and weekends.

Please fill out an application, and paste it under recruitment.

Add Battletag: glue2222#1833, Venôm#1442 or go to our website:


You can also contact Venôm, Boomcraggle or Claw in game for recruitment, questions and general information about the guild.
<Pandemonium> of Windrunner (PvE-PST)
Premier US Weekend Raiding Guild
Currently Ranked US #46 [6/6H MSV, 5/6H HoF, 1/4H TES]

Our goals are set very high and we expect you to have that same expectation for the guild, should you choose to apply and are accepted. We are looking for players that want to do hard modes and experience everything the game has to offer in its current form. However, we are not looking for players who ONLY raid to down bosses, but ones that are personable and will be an asset to our roster - when we raid, we raid efficiently and effectively, but most importantly, to have fun. We are a guild that offers stability, effective leadership, competitive progression and a group of like-minded players who love to have a good time on a light raiding schedule.

We are recruiting exceptional, dedicated players that are looking for top finishes in the US/World in Tier 14 and beyond. We're currently 6/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults Heroic, 5/6 in Heart of Fear, and 1/4 in Terrace of Endless Springs (25). For more information, especially regarding our past traditions of success [including 8/8 25H DS completed at 5%, later 0%; LK 25H; etc] please visit our WoWProgress Page:


►We have limited recruitment of the following classes but will consider ALL EXCEPTIONAL APPLICATIONS:

Physical DPS Needed:
-- Warrior DPS
-- Rogue
-- Enhance Shaman

-- Shaman
-- Priest

-- Hunter

Tanks (One of two MAIN TANK positions):
-- Death Knight
-- Druid
-- Warrior

Again, at this moment we have limited recruitment. We are really looking for solid, competitive players, wanting to compete for a raid spot, and prove that they are excellent applicants, and that they will be assets to the guild.

If you're interested in applying, please have experience in current and old content as we are ideally looking for seasoned players who know what it takes to make a top-end guild. World of Logs are compulsory for consideration on your application. **Also, all positions are full-time, core raid positions (assuming you pass trial). Be Awesome.

►Here’s some key information about the guild:

★ Raiding schedule is Friday through Sunday, 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM PST. You are expected to be at all raids and be able to maintain 95% attendance, no problem.

★ Loot is distributed through an Officer-Based Loot Council based on a myriad of criteria. Generally speaking, we mainly focus on distributing loot based on performance and attendance (combined) and have found that our loot council is extremely effective in distributing loot without the hassle of dumb drama.

★ We’re very serious about creating an atmosphere that will foster top end progression on a casual raid schedule, thus, we expect you:

• To theorycraft and research not only your class, but encounters and make sure that you are playing as optimally as possible. This should be second nature and something you enjoy.
• To maintain top-end performance as a trial and beyond.
• To participate in strategy discussions before raid (on forums) so that we are able to ensure that we are putting together the most optimal strategy.
• To have a progression oriented attitude such that you always come to raid hungry, yearning and itching to down the new, next boss and give it your full 110% effort.
• To enjoy yourself - at the end of the day, this is just a game. We want to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, and you should too.

★ We do enjoy our offnights, however, some of us itch to be together then too. It's worth mentioning that we are a guild of many MMO's and interests, and so, if: Alt Runs, Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, Diablo III, Starcraft II, or other MMO’s are within your interests, then you are more than welcomed to participate.

If the above interests you and is something that you wish to immerse yourself into, please do not hesitate to visit our website and apply today:


Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, you may add our recruitment officer and GM, Monkx (Macxx#1809) on battletag, or myself as well Tegaru#1265, or feel free to contact any of the officers in-game: Tegaru, Monkx, Berdysan, Lemongrab, Nenavora.
Getting in touch with a few more of the above^^
Good morning, I'm not sure how much time you're looking to be dedicating to this game but depending on your life we may be a very good fit for a skilled Prot Paladin. If you find you have questions after reading below please don't hesitate to contact me before applying.


We are looking for two amazing players to join us for the rest of Mist's. Ideally these players are a paladin, monk or warrior tank and a versatile DPS or healer. However, as a group we place a much higher priority on the skill of the individual than we do having the "dream" composition so feel free to apply even if you don't match the above ideal specs.

Website: http://completelydifferent.enjin.com (where you should fill out an application if interested)

Server: Terenas-US PvE

Raid Times: Tues/Wed 8-12 EST

Contact Email: completelydifferentguild@gmail.com

Contact Battle Tag: Shaid#1203

Stream (to get a feel for our raids): www.twitch.tv/shaidyadvice

Past Progression: T13 8/8H (3/14/12), T12 7/7H (10/12/11), Server First etc. For the last 2+ years CD has been one of the best (frequently the #1) 2-night raiding guilds in the US. Our heroic kills range from top 200 to top 50 US 10m rankings.

Completely Different was designed with one goal in mind; to provide ex top players a place to still enjoy that level of play now that they are no longer able to dedicate dozens of hours a week to raiding. Over the years our guild has consisted of those retiring top raiders (Vigil, Death and Taxes, Cuties Only, Drama, Flavor Country, Vodka, Premonition, Enigma, etc.) whose lives are now filled with other commitments but find it frustrating to play at the level of most guilds that raid these types of hours. CD was formed in 2008, and some of our members have been on this server and playing together since before launch when Terenas was a beta server as well as in many games before WoW. We raid in ten mans because we feel that they stress the importance of individual performance and accountability more than their larger counterpart.

If you're hoping to join us you should know that when looking at performance we are looking for two main qualities in our raiders. The first is straight forward and that is the ability to learn quickly and from available sources before we even pull a new encounter. In order to succeed in an 8 hour raid week this quality cannot be stressed enough. The second is the ability to make 50-100+ pulls w/o making a mistake. With our limited time spent in game each week we need to minimize the amount of time spent on the execution phase of learning a fight, this boils down to having players who can execute a pull perfectly after learning the basics of a fight on the first 5-10 pulls.

If you feel you meet those qualities as a player you're halfway to being a good candidate for us. At our age and with our experience we are long past putting up with people who don't fit in simply because they can produce decent numbers. While we all enjoy the level of progression we're able to achieve on our light schedule we're also interested in making sure that the reason we're all showing up each week is that we enjoy spending 8 hours in one another's company. So if you're someone who raids only for progression and loot or who looks for a new guild at the first sign of a lull in progression then please move along. The challenges that guild mates should feel proud of overcoming together aren't limited to the scripted pixes that we enjoy killing each week but also the very act of building and learning to work with a team and seeing that team through whatever challenges it faces along it's way. It's these true feelings of accomplishment that this new generation of guild hopping, instant gratification seeking, impatient, character lacking, and unhappy players will never, ever learn what it feels like to be a part of.

If you find you have any questions please contact either Shaidar (in game, on our forums, or at the listed email at the top) or any other member online in game.

-Shaidar, GM and RL of Completely Different.

That is full of information but here is a basic rundown:

8-11 EST T/W/Th 25M

We are looking for exceptional raiders to push content harder since we have a short amount of time to raid in.

Down For Life - Uldaman Horde US is currently seeking EXCEPTIONAL additions to fill it's core raid. We are a tight knit guild made up of very few accounts, you could say a true place to call your home. Simply put, we are not looking to carry people. We expect you to be on top of your game. We're looking for dedicated raiders, people who will want to down content fast and progress threw MoP.

Currently Recruiting :



**Any other exceptional applicants will be taken into consideration, we take your applications seriously and will go threw every one of them

*Logs will need to be provided for ANY applicants.

*Must have reasonable times on kills

**Raid times :

Tue , Wed , Thurs : 8 -11PM EST
Sunday : 7-11 PM EST

**Additionnal days may be added based on current guild progression
**If you cannot make all of these raid times please DO NOT apply

**Current Progression :- Currently 10/16H ; 16/16 reg:

US 133th 10-Man

Terrace of Endless Spring

-Sha of Fear : Us 223rd
-Lei Shi : US 260th
-Tsulong : US 285th
-Protectors of the Endless: US 305th

Mogushan Vaults


-Will Of Emperor
-Four Kings
-Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
-Stone Guards
-Feng The Accursed

Heart Of Fear:

-Wind Lord Mel'jarak
-Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
-Blade Lord Ta'yak

*We are 8/8H DS ,7/7H FL and have killed 13/13H bosses in BoT/ToTFW/BWD

What we expect :

*We don't think gear makes the player, but expect you to be fully geared to the best you can (acquired by yourself), gemmed appropriately and have all your gear enchanted.

*We don't want computer problems, so no disconnecting every 30 minutes

*We are looking for core raiders, online every raid night. We're not inconsiderate, we understand real life has some unexpected plans, but we simply asked to be advised. Then again we aren't here to recruit someone else 1 week after we get a new recruit.

*To be understanding that you might get sat for composition.


Guild Website: http://downforlife.guildlaunch.com
Characters (In Game) Holy or Xyalda
You can also add us to Real-ID:
Battle Tag - ScottDFL#1446

We are looking forward to your applications .

*Please note : We will put the same amount of time looking into your application , that you yourself have put in it to make yourself shine.
Still looking.
Hi there.

I don't really have any template set up for guild spam as we don't need to recruit that often.

We are a 10 man guild Anomaly on Skullcrusher, a pvp server.
Our second tank has to quit the game to his wife having a baby.
We are 12/16 HM and have enough attempts to realistically be 14/16 HM this reset.
We raid 8est to 12est M-Th. An occasional sunday may be added if we feel the extra time will yield a boss kill.
This spot is not a bench spot, you will be a core raider upon passing your trial, and will immediately see 90% or more of content upon joining. (sometimes a tank needs to sit for 1 tank fights if their dps offset isn't as good as the other dps on the roster).
We're a tight knit group of friends who have all seen high end raiding content. Several of us have been in top 20 US guilds, and most of us have full cleared all of the heroic content in this game while it was relevant.

If you are interested, or would just like to speak more, please add me at Tergrukah#1305. Thank you and I look forward to talking with you.
Demise of Burning Blade Alliance is looking for skilled and experienced players to add to our ever-improving roster.

Demise has been around for almost 8 years now. We believe we are the posterchild of consistency and stability. If you're tired of joining new guilds just for them to break apart, check us out!

Current Progression: 14/16HM

6/6HM Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6HM Heart of Fear
2/4HM Terrace of Endless Springs

Past Progression:
Dragon Soul: Rank 32nd among US 25 man guilds with a pre-nerf Spine kill.
Firelands: We finished at 7/7 HM in Firelands, with a US #35 HM Ragnaros kill.
13/13 in 25 man Heroic Cataclysm dungeons, ranked #39 US and #1 on Burning Blade.
12/12 in ICC25, and 12/12 in ICC25 Hard Modes with the US 50th kill of HM LK.

We raid Monday-Thursday 7pm-11pm EST.

Recruitment Needs:
Moonkin - HIGH
Enhancement Shaman - HIGH
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin
Resto Druid
Warrior (Dps)
Disc/Holy Priest
Elemental Shaman
Feral Druid
Windwalker Monk

Any exceptional applicant is welcome to apply even if you arent on our current "need" list.

WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-blade/Demise
Website/Apply: Demise-Guild.Org
Contact: Vishiz#1144 or Buffalo#1753 or LudaKrishna#1644

Hope to hear from you soon!
We recently lost our off tank to school commitments, looking for a new one. Feel free to either apply online at http://guildreforged.wowstead.com/ or get in touch with me on realid Cherubael#1385

We're 5/6 H MV, cleared all others on normal.

We raid 7-11CST Tues, Wed, and Thurs.
Still looking.

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