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Im hoping that the focus will be naval warfare.

The South Seas, a return to Kezan, Undermine, Kul'Tiras in full, Aszhara rising Nazjatar from the depths to avoid a second dreaded underwater zone, and a small raid tier devoted to the Emerald Dream being corrupted by the Legion in Moonglade.

With small dungeons and arcs setting us up for the big Legion expac that would cap us at 100.
A Legion expansion for sure. Some say Argus but I think it's too soon for Argus. What about the Shat'ar bringing us to another world besieged by the Legion to add other new races to the Army of the Light?
Gotta agree with the majority of people here, something big is coming. All this corruption, and the showing of old Gods in Cata just leads me to believe more and more that something with Sargeras/Burning Legion and the Titans/Old Gods is on the way. Exactly how they will do it... no idea. But I can't wait to see the Titans and Old Gods go head to head, and I can't wait to tear Sargeras a new one.
For certain it will be Leigon Focused.

Which hopefully means that Draenei get some moving in the Lore Department-Think they mentioned they finnaly got them out of the corner they wrote them into at one point.
Then this being the next question.. what new races do you think they will addon
I don't know about next exp, maybe some filler until Legacy of The Void comes out.
Think about it..there are many parallelism between Amon and Sargeras, Xel'nagas and Titans, Voice in the Darkness and Old Gods.
The last expansion i think it's about legion's final threat in azeroth, and we defeated the legion(at least in azeroth).
Aaaand we jump to another game (TITAN) where another world is in conflict with the legion.
Assuming that there will eventually be a burning legion invasion expansion, i seriously hope there is a cavern of time instance where you go back and fight alongside brox. dont care how horribly blizz does the story for it, just want to see his total bad-!@#-awsomness in game
90-95: Burning Legion is conquered some how, and the Horde and Alliance are finally united under Wrathion.

95-100: All players unite to defeat the Old Gods and some evil Titans. The Makers storyline is completely fledged out and we overcome the destiny they besought for us.

Emerald Dream: they're saving it for Titan.
What if there is a new LK, and we can get Panda DK's?
The 'new' LK is that fiery gent from the last cutscene after LK. I want panda DK's too >.<
...i would be ok with 2 expansions dealing with the burning legion.... its seriously the arch enemy behind all the bad... BC....The Scourge...Titans going evil aka Sargeras........ only thing new is the sha... overall most of the bad we face is Legion originated....

WARLOCK SIX FLAGS!!! Demons everywhere....

MORE IMPORTANTLY... is the zones we would travel to... some mage or group would have to be like a cultist group...cause i wouldn't believe say the Kirin Tor would be so foolish... maybe some chaotic realm similar but far more complex than parts of Outlands were. Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley... being rough drafts for how the home realm of the Legion would appear..

could have a few zones being abstract with alien nature and a demonic flavor.... as a warlock i am going to be so pumped when this all comes to pass... and at heart im happy the Space Goats (Dranei) will get to face their arch enemy....after all this time.... :)
Or the final expansion could be us kicking Titan !@#.
I read in an interview somewhere a couple year ago, I have no idea where and this might even be completely made up in my head and in fact I am delusional, that Blizzard has 10+ years of lore already written out. With this and the fact that there's so much lore within the game and we're only into the 4th expansion I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of the next couple expansions were smaller compared to the ones we're used to.

I can't help but feeling Mists wasn't and isn't (yet) very overwhelming as I felt with BC or Cata, at least right off the bat. Sure we got a new continent and maybe an Old God will be revealed and the Horde and Alliance are fighting a lot, but is that as bad as the last 3 expansions main plot of trying to destroy the world and not just enslave the island (Thunder King).

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's 1:44 AM, but I'm not feeling a sense of doom with Mists and I think it'll happen again in the future.

Leaked info for WoW's next expansion
As some of you may remember, I have a friend who's uncle works for Blizzard as a developer.

I have received information yesterday through that friend regarding the upcoming WoW expansion, and I believe the information I have for now may be very awesome to hear.

I trust my friend, but of course realize that he could be making up what he says the uncle told him, but I trust the friend because I know him fairly well.

Here is the information:

1) The final expansion will see the level cap boosted to 100 finally.

2) This will be the FINAL expansion, as expected by the leaked product slate.

3) The storyline revolves around the fact that Sargeras has taken over a titan.

4) WoW will be going back to it's vanilla roots. The game will be getting much more difficult and will finally provide the challenge many players want.

5) Lots of things to explore with the new expansion all around the world. You may find something new when helping a friend or leveling a new alt.

6) Titan WILL be WoW 2.0, and it will replace WoW as Blizzard's flagship MMORPG. The game will have new lore, and new classes. (This leads me personally to believe it indeed will be an entirely new IP.)
I really hope blizzard do not do naval/submerged xpac. I just dont think the game engine can handle it well enough, I avoided vash'jir and am exceedingly grateful they scraped the neptulon raid.

That said outer space/other planets/ revisiting outland/northrend to reflect times passing sound like winners. A broken/dis-enfranchised horde/alliance with allot of infighting and power struggles also sound appealing.
Next expansion is going to either be Burning Legion with Sargeras in some form, or Naga + Old Gods in a more expanded version of the Abyssal Maw. Nazjatar and/or Ny'alotha and whatnot.
Im guesing 95 is Azshara/Old Gods.
100 is Burning Legion/Sargeras. Final expac.

Imho, this. Then they can just calm down and figure out events they can do in-game. Like raids, competitions, World PvP, ect. Lore characters getting into fights and causing the old Horde vs. Alli conflict in different areas. Limited-Time quest lines/chains, you get the idea :P.
This is what I see in the near future. For one I think that we will be fighting the burning legion on their home terf. I see blizzard making a whole new faction playable which could be scourge under the new lich king. OR. It could be the south seas pirates allied with the naga and such. An idea for a class would be considering the fact that we would be fighting the demonic legion, Illidan's followers (Demon Hunters) Will come from hiding and aid in the fight with Kil' Jaden which in turn would make them a class for play. And thinking about it they could also make the Illidari a faction for play in those reguards.
If the next expansion does in fact revolve around the Burning Legion, I'd like to see Outland Updated a bit and the introduction of a Demon Hunter Hero Class.

Maybe its just me, but I reckon they could possibly resurrect Illidan (though that could be over kill) or just introduce the notion that a few players have gone rogue (or brainwashed or anything like that) and joined the Legion (similar to WoTLK with the DK Hero Class).

Maybe this is just wishful thinking but I've always wanted to play a Demon Hunter Class since I started playing WoW back in Vanilla.

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