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completed ty
Got alot of pets, most caged so wont be able to see them. I am offering any pet, including my ethereal soul trader, both kites or any other i have or can get (add me Fixxed#1499) for specific mounts.

These mounts are, Big blizzard bear (the white 1 from 2008 blizz con) yes its a code so you would have to have the code or buy it, i can make a really interesting package for this mount.... really worth it.

Amani dragonhawk

Wooly Rhino

Fel drake

Note that, i am way more interested in the bear, so expect a waay better offer if you can get... its not proportional at all lol, its only proportional to how much i want it lulz.

Anyway add me and we can negotiate, i can get almost any pet ingame except code pets.
Not sure if you saw my trading thread, but I currently have an X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME that I'd be willing to trade for a Soul-Trader. I think you're still on my friends list from a previous trade. I'll be on this evening if you'd like to discuss. Let me know if you're interested.
Would you trade amani dragonhawk for soul trader? battletag is sweetdr0ps#1199
I'd trade a magic rooster for the big blizzard bear .... I have not redeemed it yet so ican trade it on your server

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