[A]<Inception>12/16hm LF mage/boomkin for 5.2

<Inception> Currently 12/16 hm 16/16 Is a 10 man guild currently looking for a decent geared/exp mage/ boomkin dps to join our core team for 5.2, we raid Wed/thurs/sun/mon 7:30-10:30 Svt plz sent me a tell on my real id solarinto@hotmail.com if u are interested thx.
In need of a ret?
Would love to tank for you guys other than the fact I can't make the mondays =(
5/6 H MSV Prot.
I remember <Inception> on horde when I first transferred here, but you were social leveling guild back then?
inception formed on thaurissan

sh*t name change inc lol
need qt tanks and dps for me to heal plz guizzz plzz
Bump for qts
Flash still needs bodies to heal
01/13/2013 07:56 AMPosted by Flashhbang
need qt tanks and dps for me to heal plz guizzz plzz

Wish you could heal my heart </3
if only
Still looking for a exceptional DK or Boomkin.
Bump still looking for 1 solid dps to match our core
Heroic Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down
bump for 8/16
bump for tank
still need a moonkin? I stopped raiding on this guy in cata mostly and want to raid on this toon. Are you guys horde or alliance?
We're Alliance.

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