340-350 Blacksmithing

I recently leveled my Blacksmithing and I came to a hault when I hit 330-350. I think the profession needs a new recipe to be added for this area without having to fly to Shadowmoon Valley in Outlands. I purchased the pattern off of Mari Stonehand. I might add it looked like a random spawn timer on the recipe as well. I would advise a recipe to be added where you learn your recipes from a Blacksmith.

Just a suggestion that should be looked into.
Hello Zeaddsdead.

Yes it is a difficult hump but you can go to Shatt and get adamantite recipes off a male human BS trainer in the lower right corner of the city. He will sell you 4 weapon recipes that will get you right through this rut your in.

Here is a guide that might help! http://www.wowwiki.com/Guide_to_obtaining_every_blacksmithing_recipe

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