<Eternium>11/14H SoO LF Ele/Boomkin/Spriest

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Heroic Wind lord down, Will dies on sunday!
Bump, ambershaper and will gonna die!
Will still is a pain, hopefully gonna die soon.
Heroic Will finally down, Zorlock and Ambershaper to come later this week!
Behindjoo#1748 hit me up just transferred to the server. i'm leet dps, but not leetly geared. took a break a while back and just came back about 2 weeks ago. hit me up if you wanna chat
Our Holy Pally is stepping down for 5.2, LF a pro healer to push HMs in 5.2!
Bump for making Telion's #1 hated list!
lol i didn't even get mentioned at all.
Haha, im still impressed that I got number 1,

PS bump still looking for that Hpally!
better than not being mentioned at all though like you never existed. i rather be hated than ignored.

free bump
more drama? what have i missed?

Free bump
Vik go to the disturbed site and read the fun, he made himself look like an !@#, oh wait he did that a long time ago, bump still looking
Bump looking for a Druid Healer/Pally Healer
Woot 10/16H, and we found a healer, tis a good week, possibly looking for a dps with healing OS

PS. RIP Leiden

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