<Eternium>11/14H SoO LF Ele/Boomkin/Spriest

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To the top!
bump for a dead heroic council, what a terrible fight
Up still looking for 1 solid player to fill out our roster and push more of these heroics.
to the top!
bump where dem tanks at!
up to the top, Tortos and Megaera die next week!
Berkwa, #1 optimist U.S.
Justin, have the faith, if we can get our tank to show up it dies!
Still looking for a tank app!
Would love for a tank to wonder on over!
Still looking, Tortos dies tonight
bump for berkwa, ONLY berkwa. maybe corleggy too, idk yet.
Haha Thanks Treze, Gratz on Tortos too btw, Tanking problems plagueing us, need a tank to push our 5th 6th and 7th kills, on a positive note, Sunday Iron Qon dies!
Oh man Bump for the Prodigy returning!
bump for corleggy
Up for a dead Iron Qon, 5/13 now, tortos and megaera gonna die soon!
grats on iron qon. future grats on future kills.

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