<Eternium>11/14H SoO LF Ele/Boomkin/Spriest

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I'm at 483 holy, as an off off spec. I've been maining paladin for 8 years Xyroven#1910
Sorry Professor, not really looking to gear anyone else at this point, looking for similar progressed and gear players to continue pushing heroics with us, With that being Said, Still Looking for an Hpally/Rdruid!
Bump still looking for 1 Boomkin/Resto for 5.4 would be the !@#$%^s!
Berkwa why are you slacking? I have to do the bumping work for you.
Thanks broseph, actually were kinda holding off right now waiting to hear from a few people!
What what, Primordius and Durumu in 1night 1 hr, good week, on to Twins and Animus!
Twins dropping tonight 10/13 here we come!
Twins Dead, 10/13, also finished Terrace, and almost have mounts too, come join the movement!
Another week starting, Animus to die, Lei Shen and Raden are closing in on our sights!
Good tuesday clear, Up to Primordius in 1 night, Animus progression starts thursday!
Bump for a new addition..... only accepting exceptional players atm!
I'm looking for a new guild to call home, that raids.
Bump, Old Mounts achieved.... hopefully animus to come on this terrible week
Bump, 8% animus wipes. sooon to come!
looking for what?
Exceptional dps, DK/Boomkin/Spriest
Looking for a Hunter/DK...... animus dies sunday!

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