Huge lag spikes and poor world latency?

Is anyone else having this issue? Since Wednesday evening I have been having terrible lag spikes and my world latency is unusually high. I have looked at my internet signal and having no issues there so im just wondering if this is happening to others, or if there is something that I need to look at on my machine, or firewall.
Most likely your network. I have not experienced any latency from my viewpoint. I am located in California in the general location of San Francisco and the Baelgun-US host resides in the Chicago, IL general area.

Couple of things you can try.

My ISP gave me this link to use to check my upload and download speeds at any given time:

This can at least rule out your processor etc ...

Another simple test you can try is to ping somewhere out there such as ...

open a cmd window (start run)
type in:

> ping

You will be blocked at some point as you get real close to netscape home base but at least you can see where the bottleneck is.

Hope this is of some use to you.
Thanks Dareniun. It seems to be with my ping to wow, everywhere esle is good right now. I guess being on the east coast is a detrament
Glad I was able to help.

According to some forums the Baelgun server is physically located in the Chicago area, although realm time is west coast ... Go figure. Naturally depending on where you reside in the country depends on the network path you take to get to Baelgun. We have a bunch from the East coast in guild but none have been complaining about latency, then again, it all depends on the path you take and most are slightly different than the next one unless you are in the same geographical general area.

Hope it gets better, at least it's not your rig!
i have also been having lag issues and so have a cpl other ppl that normaly do not. werid caster lag where it takes 3-8 seconds for a cast bar to apear. same with melee pvp cant seem to get close enough to my target to do much dmg.
My wife and I are having lag and Latency issues for the last few weeks on Baelgun too and we are from Alberta, I also play on Thrall and no issues there and same with Aerie Peak.
From what I have heard there is a backbone dispute between AT&T and some other co, but it doesn't look like it will be fixed anytime soon.
I had been having this problem since January 8th, and after being fed up of it after 2 weeks I downloaded and paid for a program called Smoothping. It's reroutes your bandwidth through a different server to get to the datacenter which alleviates the packet loss that has been going on.

You have to pay 7.5 bucks a month, which is silly but it works if you find the game unplayable.
Good to know the "problem" and a workaround ... We've been having some "unexplained" lag type issues in our raids as well lately. Most will be fine but 1 or 2 people who are quite capable of the content have been having some problems.

I'll be sure to pass along the work around .. Thanks Mass!
No problemo muchacho

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