<Cruelty> 14/16HM Recruiting a Mage and Lock!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Currently the top raiding guild on Dreadmaul-Horde, Cruelty is recruiting players to improve our roster further for the drive in to 5.2.

Created in Wrath, Cruelty has always striven to clear all current content in a timely manner. We are always pushing ourselves to raid more efficiently whilst still having fun and killing bosses, this has paid off in multiple realm first kills!

Guild Achievements:
11/12 HM 25 ICC
12/12 HM 10 ICC
13/13 HM Tier 11
7/7 HM Firelands
Realm First Madness of Deathwing 8/8 HM
Realm First Will of the Emperor
Realm First Grand Empress Shek'zeer

We are currently trying to recruit a Mage and Warlock, however we strongly encourage apps from all players who are looking to raid with skilled players. We are recruiting for a spot on our core roster, you won't be riding the bench.

Applicants will want to have experience in some HMs before apping and a few log parses to show us. Please take a few minutes when you app to put some effort in as this really separates good apps from bad ones.

Raid Times:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday: 7:30PM - 11PM Server time.

RealID: Thrael#1884
Officers: Thrael, Zaliaa, Illusion
Web: www.cruelty-guild.com
You guys are doing well
yeah we're chugging along nicely, should be 11/16 HM tonight then should pop realm first HoF next week :)
bump, 11/16 as of thursday.
bump, need a mage.
Bump for Lei Shi
Stay up top >.O
need moar apps
What happened to Absidien?
Abs gone, Bump!
Up we go

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