Level 23 Holy Paladin - AWFUL at healing

So I tried doing a dungeon and I'm horrible at healing. I ended up with everything in CD almost right away and couldn't do anything else and the tank needed to be healed.

Should I roll as DPS right now instead? I did a holy pally specifically because I want to learn to heal. I've read some guides but I'm really new to WoW and MMORPGs in general, so they weren't helpful. What am I missing?

Anyone want to help a very confused newbie?
you are level 23. you haven't begun to get true healing skills yet. stick it out in the mean time by not spam healing. slow down your rotation always have a heal ready.
Would I be better off questing solo a bit more? That's what I've been doing but I thought maybe I should start playing in groups at some point to get a feel for things. But it seemed like everything was happening really fast, because of course you don't really spend a lot of time using the various heals on yourself soloing unless you're doing something really very wrong.
At your level you have Holy Shock, Word of Glory and Flash of Light. That should be all you need to get through dungeons at your level. There's not that much damage to heal at 23. That said, when you hit 34 you get Holy Light and you'll see a nice improvement.

Also, you have a bunch of gear with Strength, and surprisingly, no Blue gear. When you run random dungeons they will give you a Blue piece of gear with strong stats. Sometimes it will be good for your spec, sometimes not, but you should have one or two by now. Run a couple of random dungeons and try to get some Intellect gear and not Strength gear. Strength doesn't help you heal. Intellect helps your healing spells be stronger and Spirit helps you regenerate your mana faster. Don't worry about if it's cloth, leather or mail. That doesn't matter at all until you reach a higher level (50 I think?).
At your level, this is what I would did, and it worked out pretty well.

Use Holy Shock until you get three charges of Holy Power. At that point, use Holy Shock to maintain those three charges, while using Holy Light as your main source of upkeep. Try and keep Holy Shock and Word of Glory for spike healing, if it's ever needed.

A lot of your gear has Strength on it. At your level, do your best to get anything with Intellect and Spirit on it. Ignore what armor classification it falls under; if it has Int and Spt, and it's better than what you have, need on it.
Unless the tank is god awful and the dps are constantly pulling agro, you shouldn't have a single problem healing.
Your heals at that level will pretty much heal for an entire health bar, so don't spam it. Wait till ppl get under half and use your best judgement to heal.

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