Question on gearing for Heroics

Well my buddy is a healer primarily and isn't comfy in any other role, and since no one will be taking plate int gear from me I might as well go ret.

I've already 100%'d Dread Wastes so that's out of the question, is there any set with a high enough ilvl that I can obtain easily? Gold isn't an issue and aside from running heroics or normals and hoping gear drops I'm kind of out of luck and ideas.
450 Contender's set (or the epic pieces, if gold's really not an issue), crafted by blacksmiths. If you haven't done it yet, you can do the Arena of Annihilation scenario for a 450 weapon as well.
for JC they can make good necklace and rings. for trinket you can buy a drake and spend a few gold to buy the bars and have someone turn them into cogs you can use (will be cheaper to do it this way) and then you can buy some pvp armor to fill in the gaps of your gear. weapons will take a bit more to make since they req more harmony than the other stuff.
contenders sounds good, this will also allow me to do dailies not painfully slow.

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