Been gone for 3 years, now back

so basically I left World of Warcraft about 3 years ago, I was playing a R/Shaman then switched it up to a R/Druid before I left, the one thing I loved and still remember about those characters is the insane mobility, running from place to place and giving people a run for their money

I finally got back, bought a g600 set up my keybinds and started a bit of say that I don't miss the mobility and toolbox is an understatement

a part of me want's to be that Paladin that heals in the background oblivious to the puny rogue beating on me but a part of me wants to be more involved, why do I feel so gimp in relation to my other healers in the past? I feel like I just run around and use the same 2-3 heals over and over, maybe it's the fact I am still getting used to to binds and having to look down and see what I am clicking on or maybe those are just the dynamics of this class I have to get used to

please help
bump 4 justice
Those 2-3 heals will heal more then what other classes can do in 6 heals...

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