Guide to heirlooms at level 12 with no help.

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Without any help from anyone, i was able to buy two heirlooms today at level 12. This is now possible because of the changes to guild rep. Here are the steps I took to do this I was able to do this in about 30 minutes a day in a week, and spent the rest of the time on one of my 6 toons on Smolderthorn. I recommend doing this if you are going to reroll on a new realm or if you are new to the game.

1) Join a level 25 guild. There are numerous benefits in a level 25 guild. Just say LF Level 25 guild in general chat and you will likely get an invitation in a minute or two depending on your realm.

2) Quest until you are friendly with your guild. You need to be friendly to buy a Illustrious Guild Tabard which increases guild rep by 50%. This will happen in only a few levels.

3) Head to the Auction House (usually in the nearest large city).

4) Earn a couple hundred gold. Here was my method, but it can work differently on your AH. One motto to always remember in life (and in WOW) is "Money doesn't grow on trees, but it does grow on money."

4a) First, I bought strange dust for 8 silver (limited supply) from my enchanting trainer and resold them for more than 2 gold each.

4b) Next, I scanned the auction house using auctioneer. I bid or bought out the cheapest auctions until all my gold was gone focusing on items that sell relatively quickly. On my realm, this meant primarily glyphs, cloth and ore. I'd just sort by the cheapest bid prices and go down the list until all my gold was gone.

4c) I'd log in the next day, open all my mail. Relist the stuff I bought and collect any cash from auctions I was outbid on. I received a stack of copper ore, a stack of linen cloth and a bunch of glyphs for less than 1 silver. After reposting these, I was up to 35 gold in one day.

4d) I repeated this, going down the list to items that were up to 2 gold.

4e) By day 2, I was over 100 gold. I then started logging into the Undermine Journal and checking the deals page for my realm. I bought out things that were less than 10 gold and worth more than 20 times their current price. Mostly this was transmog greens. With one transmog sale, I was now over 300 gold.

5) Purchase a Illustrious Guild Tabard and some Thick Hide Pack for each of your main slots and all of your bank.

6) This was a bit of a digression, so you can skip this step, but I leveled tailoring and Jewelcrafting to 150. I did this because I wanted to make some cheap gear (this toon's a mage), and these professions gave me jewelry and cloth gear. Darkmoon was in town, so I wanted the easy rep, prize tickets and 5 easy profession level points, so I thought I'd get it up high enough that I could do the quests. I also had a bunch of cheap linen cloth and copper from my steps above.

7) I checked undermine journal occasionally and used the mobile auction house to buy out deals during the day. Then in the evening, I logged in, quested for a few minutes, checked my mail, reposted everything and scanned the AH.

8) Today, I hit level 12, and hit honored with my guild. I had over 4k gold in my bank, so I bought my first 2 heirlooms. This was a Tattered Dreadmist Leggings and a Tattered Dreadmist Mask. I kept a little over 100g in the bank so I can continue to earn gold.

I'll probably continue to play the AH until I can buy all of the guild heirlooms, and then I'll get on with leveling. In addition to my 90s, I also have an 86 rogue, an 82 warrior, a 79 priest and a 61 DK (can't get into my DK), so leveling them is keeping me busy.

It is crazy how much easier it is to get heirlooms now, and if you are over level 20 and you have no heirlooms, you are making your life unnecessarily hard. They increase levelling speed by 5% or 10% each, don't require repairs and are almost always better than what you will find by levelling.

I just figured I'd pass along my experience from last week in case it helps someone else out. If I've skipped a key step or if anyone has any additional advice, please let me know.
You can buy or win the Darkmoon Faire turn in items and get an heirloom a month with the turn ins, plus dailies. You may have to be level 15 to use the turn is.

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