A L25 <Infinite Loop> 9/16 10M LF Raiders

Hello there!!

Infinite Loop is a level 25 guild that has resided on Proudmoore since 2010. As our webpage states we are a "Uniquely Drama-free Guild" that focuses on the social aspect of the guild concept as much as we do on raiding. We currently have 2 raid teams that raid 2 nights a week.

Our Tues/Thurs team currently raids from 6-10:30 server time. This team is 6/6 MV and 3/6 and progressing on Wind Lord. We have been held back by a revolving door at 1 of our DPS positions. The core of this team (both tanks, 2 healers and 2 dps) have been raiding together since cata release and have raiding experience dating back to Vanilla.

We are looking for 1 plate melee DPS for a permanent spot in our raid team AND a healer who can be a 3rd when needed but who has a DPS spec that can crank out the dps for the rest of 5.1 and on into 5.2.

The Mon/Wed team is currently full

If you are looking for a place to call home while leveling or possibly a place to raid check us out. We are a laid back group of mature raiders who have jobs, lives, kids, wives and we understand life happens. But we also want to see progression raiding and the two nights a week we raid we want to go all out. If you aren't a raider but are looking for a home, or possible a group that enjoys meta runs and old school runs for achieves, or looking for some people who just enjoy playing wow, hit us up in game. We'd love to have you join us.

Please whisper or shoot any of the following officer an in-game mail - Guladian, Ruzcas, Xyather, or Anstä(alt+0228)ndig for more information in game our site below. Thanks for your time!!


edited for updated needs and progression
Still looking for dps!
interesting, i am part of a group with similar issues with that last raid spot not getting filled. Any ways ill start looking into applying to you guys some time in the next 24 hours.
Bump for Melee DPS. Plate is preferred.
bump for healer and dps need!
Preferred healer is Druid/Monk. Where ya'll at?
Update - We are now kicking around the idea of a weekend raid team. We have had some internal interest from several of our members so we are testing the waters for people out there that like the concept or idea of being a "loopie" that a weekend raid schedule would work better for.

Please whisper Nymphe or Neverz in game or shoot them an in game mail for more information.
looks like our healer spot has been filled, we are still in desperate need of a melee DPS, Warrior is preferred but we will consider any (non-Rogue) melee really. Current progression is 9/16 but we are looking to step it up in 5.2. Whisper myself or any person that's listed in the OP.


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