Just curious how ret is lookign for 5.2!!!!!!

How is ret looking for 5.2 mainly for PvP?

Pally is the only toon i havent lvled yet :(
Supposedly going to be able to benefit from PvP power affecting healing.

Aside from that no real issues towards damage and survivability CD's being addressed.
There's the buff on EF, that raises the Heal over Time component to 100% (2x more healing) if used on yourself. Selfless Healer though, is still much better, for both self healing (not really, but can get up to 30% increase healing if used with 2 stacks) and specially for off healing, where SH can be 4x better. There is also the Inquisition fix, so we wont be able to re-buff it with a lower HP version.

But yeah, in general, its going to be mostly the same thing. The PvP power buff hardly compensates for the Battle Fatigue 15% buff too, so...
The same.
We got nothing useful for pvp other than the 25% or whatever it is from pvp power for healing but its such a minor amount for ret that I can't see it making a difference.
As mentioned above me, it doesn't compensate for the 30% battle fatigue plus 75% of pvp power not being useful.
Our biggest buff was stronger classes being nerfed but none of them were nerfed enough to be on our level and to top it off, the classes we dominated (rogues and dps monks) are going to be the new FoTM OP classes in 5.2 which could put us from lower middle of the pack to bottom.

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