WTB Hide of Chromaggus!

Desperately seeking one of these for transmogrification looks! Can't find anyonewilling to 2 or 3 man The Omni-tron Defense system so I am going to dump my gold on this item! post here if you are interested!
Id be willing to waste an evening doing this with you.
I've actually successfully managed to solo and duo it lately after upgrading my gear, but if there is stuff you want from in there(i'd like to run the rest of the instance as well for a shot at it from trash mobs). I'll add you.
I'm still looking! I'll pay like 20-50K gold for this random boe.
I have one, but I am also on Dunemaul Server.
No! Don't say you'll pay THAT much for it.


I will keep a hawks eye on the AH for you. If one of these pops up for a reasonable price (see the link above) I will snatch it and whisper you, offering to sell it for however much I spent on it.

Hope you can get one soon!

Edit, I'm just now seeing when this was posted, I'm afraid I may have been too late :(

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