the BEST solution thats fair for INQUISITION

I think that the best way to improve Inquisition in pvp would be to change the current Glyph of Word of Glory. Instead of increasing damage by a flat % based on the amount of holy power spent on WoG, it should increase Inquisition's duration by 2 seconds per holy power spent on WoG.

Similar to the current Glyph of WoG, this change would compensate rets for sacrificing their offensive pressure as healing utility; however, it would NOT be a dps gain to spend holy power on WoG over TV.
What's wrong with Inquisition? I think it's fine.
i dont get this mentality of wanting it to be annoying and clunky. its like the asians and chopsticks. SPOONS AND FORKS. SPOONS AND FORKS. you dont farm with two pool cues.


Really dumb analogy. Not cool bashing their usage just because you can't navigate two sticks of wood, especially when chopsticks are a culture thing. Being Asian, the above's mildly offensive, though I guess we can't all be the chosen race. /shrug.

Joking aside. No. You're right that mana is a resource, but it's a resource for hard heals and support spells, while Holy Power is straight up for damage rotation and emergency Word of Glories. Inquisition's part of our damage rotation, ergo..
Inq should get an additional second added to its duration per hopo spent. That way once you fire it off it's basically a self sustaining buff provided you aren't shut down, out of combat, being trained to death, etc.

I agree inq is annoying but the devs seem overly thrilled with it.
What if, Blizzard scraps Inq (just here me out), gives us a passive damage % increase and builds our wings around Inq's mechanic.

If you want a bump in damage either for a short fight or want a sustained damage buff on a short cd, you use 1 charge of HP and use AWrath, is increases your damage/melee haste by a % for x seconds and is on a short CD. The ability shown on the toon would be a small set of glowy wings

If you want a good boost in damage and are willing to pop a 1.5 min cd, you'd use AWrath with 3 charges, giving your a modest damage increase for x seconds, but putting you ahead for a short while. You would see the Wing's Current glow

And if you want to deadlift Jupiter, you use AW with 5 HP, giving you the largest % of damage/haste for x seconds, while maintaining it's hefty 3 min cd. Wings are at their largest and best looking. Everyone's soul is shaken as you ascent into your planar form.

This way Ret gets a much more dynamic ability, they can use it as a sustained damage buff like Inq is now, or they can ramp it up for burst, and it's on a hefty cd.

Bliz can get the #s right, it's just an idea. I'm not saying Inq alone is the problem, but this way it addresses pvp damage and pve damage.
01/15/2013 10:59 AMPosted by Dantekong
Rogues have Slice and Dice, Ferals have Savage Roar, Paladins have Inquisition.

All of these are bad mechanics. Comparing one clunky mechanic to two other clunky mechanics doesn't help your case.
Actually, their clunky mechanics are arguably worse than ours. Savage Roar and Slice and Dice not only cost Combo Points, but also Energy. If anything, we should be thankful that Inquisition only costs Holy Power and not HoPo + Mana.

All three need a workaround, IMO. But I'd sooner balance Inquisition than the other two.
In all honesty, if Inquisition lasted longer, it wouldn't even matter. I actually like the idea that you have to build up Inquisition at the start of a fight. You could just pop all of your CDs out of the gate, but they won't do nearly as much without a 3 HP Inquisition up. It's a nice concept in my opinion.

However, I feel like it's too short of a duration. I mean, if our sustained damage is already pretty lackluster, why can't we get the 1 ability that helps our sustained damage on a longer duration, especially if it costs 3 HP to gain the highest benefit from the spell?
In my opinion, Inquisition doesn't need an update, for PvE or PvP. It needs a greater understanding from the community.

Yes, it's bothersome and painful to hold back on your DPS when you have to generate 3 Holy Power charges to get the full Inq duration. However... you can bypass that by learning to calculate how long a match will last.

For example, in PvP, one item of interest is that Ret Pallies can't get their damage out fast enough. But if you do some studying in-game, you'll find that based on your playstyle, you don't need the full 30 seconds to deal with some encounters. Some classes take little more than 10 seconds to fight.

But what about those long fights? Well, what's the problem with improvising? You could range a target with Exorcism and Judgement, gaining 2 Holy Power immediately. You can then cast Inq to get a 20 sec duration, then do 1 charge afterwards to get 10. Or 10 sec first, then 20 later.

Personally, I think Inq adds an extra layer of critical thinking that makes Ret Pally more fun to play. It's no longer a boring drudge of "get 3 Holy Power, TV" over and over, with maybe WoGs thrown in.
I really like playing ret when I raid and inq feels just fine (ms tank though)

In pvp i just can't stand playing ret because of inq, fights don't last long enough for it to be worth it but dmg is bad without it... So I pvp on my dk because it is a lot more fun to me... I really wish i could like pvp ret, but I just can't do it.

Having inq use mana would be pointless in a raid setting since rets barely use mana in a pve setting.
Is it really hard to keep this buff up? Get a addon like tellmewhen if you're having so much trouble

But taking it off the GCD would make things a little bit smoother
Going to reiterate that mana IS an issue in pvp; Even ignoring hard casting FoL, many of our other spells, especially Emancipate, can dip hard into our mana which would be further exacerbate the issue if Inq worked off it as well.

Let's at least take Inq off the GCD to see how that works first. We have a far better shot at that rather than making it use mana instead of holy power.
01/15/2013 06:34 PMPosted by Waifu
Inquisition isn't the problem. You're problem is not seeing a shiny number appear above the enemy when you hit it.
They could just have it do damage against your current target, in addition to providing the buff.

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