Bad router between me and Garona?

Hey all,

Not sure what's going on here, but it seems that Garona (my home server) is experiencing some very strange packet loss issues for me. Lag'll be fine one moment, then suddenly spike out of control. I rarely get booted, but it's seriously killing my gaming experience.

I've tried playing on other servers with alts, no problems at all. I can only assume at this point that there's a bad router somewhere between me and the Garona server.

Is there any way to get around a bad router like this? I don't know Garona's IP, so I can't do a traceroute to pinpoint where the supposed faulty router is. My provider is Cox, and I'm in Arizona.

Has anybody else been experiencing random strange lag? It started about a week and a half ago.


Hi Veto,

We have two guildmates in a situation that is similar to what you are describing.

This thread also describes other people having the same problem, and it sounds like they have done a bit more digging into the problem:

One person on that thread recommends contacting your ISP and having them route around cogentco, which seems to be the primary offender.

Sorry this is not a ton of help, but at least you can feel a bit better knowing you are not alone.

Good luck,
Thanks so much for the response, it's very good to know I'm not alone. I believe the thread you linked has given me enough information to bring to my ISP.

Hi Veto,

Here is a massive thread we found on the issue. Several of the affected people seem to be from Arizona, using Cox, which you said is your ISP as well. There are a bunch of blue post responses requesting information from people, as well as providing an update on the situation.

Hope this helps,

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