Idea for Battleground charts and rewards [7]

Soooo, i think an expansion to the during/endgame battleground chart could be very interactive, productive, win inspiring, and beneficial. So keep all the current categories in which you can either choose to view from the bottom or top but add some more! such as this list i have prepared:
top absorbed damage
top absorb + heals
top time spent in proximity of a node on defense
top attempts at a node capture
top successful cast time completed in attempt to capture a node
top amount of successfully casted cc
top time spent under the effect of a pick up buff
top... well you get the picture, what am I? A creative person?

Thus, I propose a reward system in which hopefully a bot could not obtain any reward for being the top dawg in any of the current, above proposed, or more ingeniously creative categories i couldn't even come up with! each top player participant in the bgs would receive some small amount of gold for trying their hardest to be particularly amazing in any one of these categories.

And finally to give you the idea of what kind of player would benefit from this change: I am currently in the niche of broke pvpers who only level alts, do call to arms bgs and random bgs, and cap conquest points in twos once a week. This is not enough gold to gem/enchant/repair, especially since my leveling typically consists of random dungeons for the random/cta bgs i participate in. Also, holy paladins, priests, and mistweaver monks for the absorb counter, i imagine (i, on those toons, certainly would) appreciate these changes.

Please take into consideration my woes, as small and fixable as they are :( don't worry guys, i know about dailies and dungeons and whatnot. so please, constructive criticism towards the proposed idea :D

ninja edit: two spelling errors i noticed. Also, I'm, bad, at commas, sorry. :(
Please expand on your disapproval.
no, sir.
I agree that completing objectives and actually performing should award honor, as opposed to just being there.

One thing I disagree with is "defending." As in, when someone assaults a point, and you "re assault" it, effectively defending.

This doesn't show that you properly defended the target, this shows that you FAILED to defend the target but then recovered.

The system should better track what players are doing and award them accordingly.

If I ACTUALLY defend a flag by preventing people from capping it, I should get more honor than the chumps fighting on the road.

If I smash through all four gates of Strand, I should get more honor than the 12 other people derping around on the beach.

I disagree that they should reward more honor to those who are at the "top," however. We should award people more based on who's playing the battleground's objectives, not farming kills.

If you're in Kotmogu and you're in the middle killing people with the Ball Carrier, you should get more honor. If you're getting an honorable kill for killing an enemy with the ball, you should get more honor.

The entire honor system needs a revamp to better reward those who are performing better.
i agree with you on all points, EXCEPT! i would like to see gold as a reward. sure maybe extra honor, or even a combo. However, most of my needs is attributed to gold xD

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