Should I worry about mana?

Hey guys so I'm currently level 87, and mana has seemed like much of an issue but in oh no! Situations I get drained super quick, and I have a hard time recovering once in low. At level 90 is it the same? Or do you really have to melee to get mana back?
mana is a major issue, which is in part why spirit is valued so much more now than in cata. read the sticky at the top for more info as its a great write up with tons of info
If your question is in regards to holy pallies vs other healers, then I would say that our regen/sustainability is in a good place. Definitely competitive with the other healing specs. If you mean as a healer in general should you worry about mana, then the answer is a resounding yes. Mana management is a major part of the healer meta game. I honestly don't know what to say other then that it take practice. A very large part of healing effectively is being able to react to those unexpected damage spikes, without overreacting and ooming yourself. Moderation is key, keep practicing, you'll get it!

Also gear does help, but be prepared for it to temporarily get a little worse as a fresh 90 and your stats have fully scaled. Gear helps a ton. I echo Jarshie, check out the hpally sticky, and most importantly keep practicing.

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