(H) <SNØWCAP> - 10m Raiding Recruitment

Burning Legion
<SNØWCAP> [25] - Horde server looking to recruit serious, dedicated members for 10m raiding progression. We are a fairly new guild, and are now getting around to starting up a raiding group. We are semi-casual, but progression is desired and will be pursued.

Raid times will be: Tuesdays and Thursdays, both 7-10:30 p.m. server time (CST). Raid attendance is a must. Extra flasks will be provided, but bring your own initial flasks. Stats, gems, and enchants must be correct, as well as full PvE gear. Minimum of 465 ilvl to begin, but preferrably higher (in the 470+ range). Substantial knowledge of your class and the fights is absolutely necessary.

Desired roles:

Healers: 1 - Holy Paladin or Mistweaver Monk
Damage: 1~2 - Mage/Hunter/Boomkin
Tanks: none needed, currently

Keep in mind that we are starting fresh, and as we have barely scratched the surface of progression, that will soon (hopefully) no longer be true. Also, we might possibly need more than just the roles suggested above for replacements. If you're interested in joining for raiding purposes, whether as a main spot or backup/rotation, please reply to this post and/or send a tell to Narrative or Jaxkel in-game. Hope to see you soon!
Still looking for a holy pally?
I'm 491 equipped with 6/6 4/6 1/4
Haven't raided in a few months since my group fell apart, looking to find a solid group for the start of a new tier.
For sure Abikis always looking for beast heals
I don't know how much I'll be on before tuesday, but if you need a healer on Tuesday either add my battletag, Abikis1350, I'll also check this thread.
Let me know if you need a dps again.

Just /who Raven Guard
The<anything>jr is me

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