Mobile Armory on BlackBerry 10?

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I was wondering if Blizzard planned on releasing a BlackBerry 10 version of the mobile armory?

I am currently an iPhone user and use the armory a lot. It's great being able to catch up with the guildies and check in on the auction house when I have some down time.

I'm getting very tired of the whole iOS, though. I was a BlackBerry fan before I jumped ship and the new BB10 is looking pretty awesome. Too me, the iPhone feels a bit "kiddish" and I definitely would like to go back to BlackBerry.

Being able to maintain the constant connection would definitely help solidify going back to BB for me. The Armory is one of the few apps that I do use (I know, tons of apps and I only use a select few... thats exactly why the iPhone no longer appeals to me.)

I'm not sure where I should have posted this. Hopefully I picked the right place.

I totally just posted wondering the same thing. Goes to show I should probably read the forums before I post! Ah well, I also included a link that they can use to get info for porting the current Android app over to BB10:
yes, they really need to add the armory for the BB 10, its an awesome phone and would be complete if I could install this app. as a paying customer and loyal wow player I feel they should look into this. my guess is they'll see how sales do in the US before they consider it.
Hey guys, ever tried sideloading the android version of the app?
That is the link for the BAR version of the android app ready to be loaded to your Z10.

The sideloading process is a bit long winded but quite do able, you can google it, or get it from crackberry.
I did the whole side loading thing, it worked for the most part but it would force close too often and for that blizzard locked my account. So for now your best bet is just to wait, not sure why De vs don't just make slight modification to the Android app to get the 1 or 2 bugs out.
I have a Z10, and I'd also like to see a version of the armory app for BB10. (native!)

"Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone." :)
I'd love to get this on my Blackberry Z10. Was going to try sideloading until i read here that it might cause my account to get locked out. That would be bad, especially on raid night.
I would love this. A blue post saying either yes or no would be appreciated.
yes or no

EDIT: Sorry "either yes or no"

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