The Shrouded Isle ((Sign Ups / OOC))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Krasarang Wilds: Since the Horde's and the Alliance' fleets touched down here, the once tranquil jungle has been a mess of bloodshed and industry.

You were a member of a special operations group sent to spy on the fortifications of the enemy, you were sent by boat, giving the conflict a wide-berth to avoid detection, but on your voyage around the cape, a storm rolled in, bringing the mist with it. Before long, you were hopelessly lost, and it was getting late, you decided to sleep through the night on your boat, but no such luck there. The storm was getting more and more vicious, and the captain getting frantic.

Captain: "Batten down those sails! Hoist anchor! Get belo-"


The deck splintered as the ship was tossed into what you believe was a small island. You were tossed from the ruined deck and knocked unconscious, stranded and lost on a small and uncharted island off the coast of Krasarang.

Unbeknownst to you, the enemy's ship befell the same fate, and now many of their most elite special forces operatives are trapped there with you.


You awake the next morning, cold, drenched and sore. Your armor is battered and near unwearable, your weapon nowhere to be found. You're hungry. Unfortunately for you, the calm only seems to be a lull in the storm, as the sky remains dark and the mist remains ever-present.


Welcome Champions!
This is a survival themed RP featuring cooperative PvP and/or cooperative PvE. You're stranded with no hope of being found until this storm lets up, and you're not alone. Tigers, Crocolisks, and Saurok inhabit the island, in addition to your enemies, and other things, sinister things that hide and hunt when the moon is low and the sky is black. It will be your job to wait out the storm, overcome these terrors, and build a ship to escape. You can choose to cooperate with your fellow faction members, with your enemies, alone, or all together.

At every moment you are at risk. Will the enemies spring from the mist and kill you? How can you trust them? Being caught alone at night? All dangerous and frightening prospects on the lost island.


I will be directing any and all PvE encounters throughout the roleplay (e.g. a tiger attack). PvP will fall onto you all, and myself, as I will be RPing Illaeh. PvP will be allowed, yet kept to something as a minimum and generally used only as a plot device, as a result of the problems forum based PvP can have.
When you awake, you will have no gear and won't be able to see anyone around you, that's not to say that they aren't there, but you can't see then.
Horde start on the south end of the island, Alliance on the north.
The island is round, 3km in diameter. Densely forested like much of Krasarang.
I will be extra hard on you silly Druids with your silly shapeshifts.
You cannot kill another player in combat, they can choose to be killed by your actions, but you cannot decide their fate.

1.) NO: Meta-gaming, God-Moding, Power-gaming, or Mary-sues (words that I have to separate with a hyphen are generally disallowed)
2.) Be Polite to everyone! (Unless your character would be rude)
3.) Swearing is fine, but keep it classy.
4.) Have fun!

1.) Character name and description. (Go nuts, I'm judging you by this. Keep it to one post please.)

I'll put IC post up when I feel we have enough of each faction accepted. Good luck.
(( meh, I'll go ahead and give this a shot.))

Name: Aliya Stagsong

Race: Kaldorei

Age: 314 (( mid-twenties. ))

Height: 6’9

Weight: 231 lbs. ((fit))

Aliya Stagsong, a regular poster-child of the Kal’dorei fighting force. A regular thoroughbred of her race, standing tall and good postured, physically fit with little body fat on her. Most of the time, she is seen in uniform, the heavy mail weighing down against small breast, having her chest appear flat. Plate studded leather pants mold tightly against her toned legs and small backside, then covered by the hanging purple fabric of her tabard.

Her face would be sweet and gorgeous to say the least. Where her attire lacks in a flattering sense, her facial features make it clear that she is a creature of beauty. Her cheeks barely gaunted with prominent cheek bones. Her lips, full, probably her most striking and sensual feature, though she rarely flatters them with lip stick or anything similar. Half the time, they are bare, left matching the creamy purple of her skin, or chapped after several days in the wilderness. Like her mother and sisters, she has a cute, button nose and big silver eyes that could make even the most hardened and cruel men melt. Her hair is a vibrant shade of violet and end somewhere between shoulder and neck length. Typically, bruises could be seen on her forehead where her Sentinel’s crown rests.

Despite all these inherited feats of beauty, she rarely does much to flatter or accentuate them. Most of the time she is garbed in her less-than-flattering Sentinel’s lieutenant uniform. It is rare to see her in other, more classy or casual clothing, but not unheard of. She doesn’t act in any particular way that could be considered flattering or sensual either. She’s a virgin and the only female sibling who has never experienced a romantic relationship. This is partly due to the demeanor which she carries herself with while on duty, firm, authoritative, to the point and short with people. Not to mention her traditional Staghelm philosophy on the other races of the Azeroth.

((Side notes: She speaks rather poor common but she can hold a decent conversation, though, she much rather speak Darnassian and will at every opportunity.

-She is a very effective fighter and tactician, but lacks experience. She knows what works and sticks to them, and made few mistakes in her time as a military officer. Thusly, out-of-the-box thinkers and tacticians throw her off.

-She specializes in guerrilla tactics, and has learned to use the Sha of despair to her advantage in the Krasarag Wilds.

-Mercy will not be given. =p ))
((I'll join in, although at times I can be a man of few words.))
Name: Kal'tok

Race: Darkspear Troll

Age: 18

Kal'tok is a young Troll who stands about a head taller than the average member of his race and has the girth to match, his unruly dark blue hair is normally in a large braid behind his head with a fringe messily pushed away from his eyes, the fur covering his body is a little longer and thicker, giving him a bit of a feral look, his body has been trained for several years as he once desired to become a Warrior, but after being put on a small journey by a Shaman he realised the path of the Druid was for him and had begun training in the Druidic ways.

He has his fair share of scars, mostly from ranged weapons and slashes but on his left shoulder you can see a scar made by a large spear.

His main language is Zandali but rarely has the chance to speak it, he is good enough at Orcish to speak it without an accent, he was taught some common by the Druids and can speak a decent amount with the normal Troll accent.
((Hm, this seems cool, I'll try it out. But you must be warned, I'm sorry if my Desc is short D: and Hi Akiyass :P.))

Name: Luthionn

Age: 311 ((20 in human years.))

Weight: 314 ((Counting the armor.))

Height: 6'10

Race: Kaldorei

Luthionn is a military force, Death Knight. He focuses on tactics, and all out brawling. If he has to, he uses his fists as a huge sledgehammer, and pounds the target with forcefull hits. If he loses in a brawl, he gets completely angry and goes out in the middle of nowhere to train. He is a all-out killer. If he gets the chance to, he will gladly slice a head off. Although, afterwards, he feels sympathy for his enemy. He always goes out looking for missions, orders, or even assassinations. Even though he seems to be a all-out killer, he can do silent kills. Whether it's sliting the throat, or rather spying, he will do it.

Even though Luthionn seems to be a ruthless, heartless monster, he is completely the opposite once you get to know him. He is actually very emotional, but likes to not show it, since his childhood is his nightmares. In battle, he thinks of them, then turns into the ruthless monster he's supposed to be. Once in a while, he will go somewhere to be alone, and think about what he has done.

Luthionn is a handsome, medium height Kaldorei. He has big plate armor, and a sword that he adores, he loves this sword because he has gone through a lot with it, and decides to carry it on his back whereever he goes. He barely sheds tears, but he has lots of sympathy for people who have gone through worse then he has, or is going through something. He likes to comfort people. Even though he seems like a brute, he is actually very kind.
(( Haha, hello Luthionn. I am kind of hoping these sign ups pick up.))
((Hopefully we'll get some more people soon.))
Name: Alabron Stargaze

Age: 454 (Older Thirties)

Height: 7'1

Weight: 303 lb. (Athletic)

Race: Kaldorei

Description: Alabron is an assassin that joined the crew ship to assassinate a group of beings. He was hired by a draenei woman who wanted them dead for an ungiven reason. Alabron wasn't the curious type. If he was payed enough, he'd get it done. He is a clever strategist and a sneaky ranged attacker. He is great for spying, silent killing, and persuading others.

Alabron is a handsome elf, he sometimes uses this to trick members of the opposite sex to get them interested, meanwhile he uses them to his advantage. Like getting information from them without violence, killing them without them expecting it, etc. He speaks fine common, yet he has a thick elven accent. He also knows his racial language, Darnassian, along with little bits and pieces of Orcish.

The kaldorei had been captured by Orcs and Tauren during a raid on his hometown in Ashenvale. He was tied to a pole as he was tortured to give them information of where the leader of their town was. He hadn't spoken a word. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't speak Orcish or even point anywhere due to his bound hands. One night while tied, a male tauren came to him and taught him greetings and goodbyes in the orcish language. He was then set free. Alabron has very few hatreds to this day, one of them being orcs.
((Want to do this for another character of mine.))

Name: Cobenah Sin'dal

Race: Sin'dorei

Weight: 130 lb (Agile)

Height: 5'10

Age: 140 (Low Twenties)

Description: Cobenah is a sneaky rogue that is as clever as he is quiet. He use to try the art of the warrior, until one day he was walking around in the forests of Eversong Woods and a man attempted to rob him, he ran away from him. He then climbed a tree and stayed quiet so the man would eventually wonder off, forgetting about the elf. Since that day, Cobenah has followed the way of the rogue. The way of the sneak.

He had begin to get better and better at sneaking, so he began sneaking into other's houses and stealing money, food, and clothes. He then started picking pockets of other townsfolk. He was getting out of hand. One night in his village, he went out looking for a victim to pickpocket. He saw a man and snuck up behind him and slowly went into his pocket. The elf gasped as the figure gripped his hand and they turned around punched the elf away.

The elf looked and saw it was another rogue, but it was a woman. He bowed to her, asking for training. The woman thought it was hopeless, how easy it was to detect the boy. She accepted and began to train him. Eventually, Cobenah even bested his master and beat her in a stealthy dagger fight. The boy got carried away and murdered his master in cold-blood. Ever since, he has looked for more to feed his hunger for greed and murder.
((Well, theres your more people lol. Anyways, we need more! Invite your friend guys! Lol.))
Hey all, Illaeh here.
So, my account has been locked, as it has a habit of doing whenever I try logging in somewhere that is not my house. Fun right? Anyways, this is my friends account.

In short, you're all accepted. Except you Luthionn, nothing personal, I assure you.

As more applications (hopefully) come rolling in we'll fill some sort of roster and get started in a few days.
Wait, why not me? D:))
((Yea, why not Luthionn? He may be an almost unstoppable killing machine, but I'm sure Kal could turn a fight with him into a conversation.))
01/18/2013 12:04 AMPosted by Luthionn
a sword he has as a souvenir when he killed the Lich King. When he killed the General, he kept the sword as a souvenir. Except his boots are from the Lich King, and he has them to remind him of what he has done to him

Right there is why you didn't get accepted. saying your character killed a major character in lore. it would be fine to say your character was there as nameless hero #86 and that you were in ICC when the Lich King died. You cant say that your character is the one to end his life. Also taking his things as well.
Yeah... hm, true. But thats always changable. I shouldn't be COMPLETELY denied for that :P I should atleast be given a chance to redo it a little.
thats all up to Illaeh, shes the TM. but anyways, i really want this thread to get started! pretty cool plot imo
01/19/2013 01:36 AMPosted by Luthionn
Yeah... hm, true. But thats always changable. I shouldn't be COMPLETELY denied for that :P I should atleast be given a chance to redo it a little.

You're very, very correct. I wrote that post in something of a hurry and forgot the whole "change a few things" sentence. My recommendation? Get out the major lore thing, and clean up the syntax, quite a bit.

Also tell your friends!

In conclusion, hi Cath and Alba. I was Vikro in the Slaved Champions thing all those months ago, good to see you again.
01/20/2013 05:46 PMPosted by Illaeh
Yeah... hm, true. But thats always changable. I shouldn't be COMPLETELY denied for that :P I should atleast be given a chance to redo it a little.

In conclusion, hi Cath and Alba. I was Vikro in the Slaved Champions thing all those months ago, good to see you again.

No way! what up dude haha thats awesome. small world ^^
haha awesome, never would have questioned. this your first time thread mastering?

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