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First time TMing anything bigger than a tavern. I'm a tad nervous and excited, but I'm thinking (hoping) I'll do fine. I've lead some pretty large in-game RPs, so I'm hoping it's just like that with a lot less interruptions from fools who aren't invited and walking. We'll see.
I'll say, this thread has certainly caught my interest, though I'm honestly not entirely sure if I should sign up or not. I only have three characters who visit Pandaria at all in their canons, but all them have reasons not to be in thread considering that one of them is a drake (and therefore subject to the stigmas associated with that), another is a mantid (could work, but would be KOS for everyone) and the third is my death knight who isn't too fleshed out yet (and also a night elf, of which you guys have a lot already).

Will still be keeping an eye on this thread, though. See what happens.
Alright, fixed, I hope...
(( A lot of Alliance. Kal'tokk might be the only Horde unless Rak goes Horde.

btw, Hi Rak! It's Ester from The Sea Glass thread.))
((I wouldn't mind being the only Horde, it would be interesting to see if I could be able to talk my way into being an ally or making sure I am unseen while planning an escape.))
((Fear not, Kaltokk, for I shall accompany you as a member of the Horde... right after I have enough time to get sign-up done. And btw, HEY EVERYBODY! You kight remember me as Sod'fik from Slaved Champions, or Kuul's older brother IRL. Damn, been a really long time since I've last seen you all, or even been on these forums.))
((Is this island off the coast of Krasarang actually in-game? If so, which is it? And which special operations group sent us, exactly? Are we a group of scouts from the Stormwind army? Sorry for all the questions. :-) ))
(( I just saw, Cath is Sin'dorei. So, assuming Rak goes Horde. There will be 4 Horde and 3 Alli. Still though, Aliya might be out on her own most of the time anyway.))
Name: Aldiran Draxian

Race: Kaldorei

Height: Aldiran stands extremely tall at 8'1. There is a short history of him being a victim to a scientist's experiement.

Weight: Over 400 pounds. (Due to the muscle and the height of his being, actually evens out nicely.)

Age: 250 Years Old (Older Teen Years)

Description: Aldiran wasn't always a brute, he actually studied acrance magics before he was kidnapped as a child and experimented on with different herbs and mechanics. After the effects, he is now much taller. His strong has been amplied to one's of a tauren warrior. He isn't the smartest strategist, due to him getting angry from his short-temper, he usually just charges in at his enemy.

Aldiran uses heavy plated armor to protect himself. He was usually meant for slow yet power movements. He has two giant obsidian axes that have a fiery aura around them. He has light blue toguh skin and dim grey eyes. He has glowing white hair that shines in the sunlight.
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((Is this island off the coast of Krasarang actually in-game? If so, which is it? And which special operations group sent us, exactly? Are we a group of scouts from the Stormwind army? Sorry for all the questions. :-) ))

Island is not in game. You were sent by Operation Shieldwall/ Dominance Offensive.

All applications have been accepted (I still want you to work on syntax a bit, Luthionn, but not on your app, in the actual IC). I'm feeling pretty good with the people and the amount we have, so I'll put an IC up in an hourish. I'll accept a few more good applications that come around if they get here soon.
(Seems a bit low on Horde here, thought I'd give it a shot.)

Name: Avonako Stoutbear

Race: Tauren

Weight: 405 lbs

Height: 7 1/2 ft

Age: 52

Description: Avonako was discovered to have a strong connection to the elements at a very young age. The elder of his tribe took him under his wing and taught him the ways of a Shaman over the course of the next several years culminating with Avo's Rite of Vision. He was sent out into the wilds of Mulgore for days with nothing to aid him and it was there that he learned of his true purpose in the world.

He walked nearly naked among the lush emerald fields communing with the wild animals and sleeping among them under the stars, feeding off of berries and local fauna. After some time he came to a massive clearing where he sat meditating upon the spirits around him. Eventually the spirit of an ancient bear came to him and spoke to him upon the nature of the world outside Mulgore and of the people he would encounter when he left his homeland. The bear told him that his tribe did not need a warrior, but a wise soul to see the way forward. From that moment on Avo and the bear were connected and he returned to his tribe with his totem animal and dedicated himself to teaching the younger members what he had seen and what they would need to know to survive in the harsh world outside Mulgore.

He is of average height for a Tauren with a dark brown reddish fur and long braids about his features. He wears the traditional nasal ring of the Shaman of his tribe and his left horn is broken off nearly to the end due to a rough encounter with a wild and vicious Kodo. He will always seek diplomacy over violence but rarely speaks unless necessary, choosing to observe and choose his words carefully.
((Horde? Alright lets do it! And Xebeche Avonako is on the light side for a tuaren))

Name: Throg Stonemaul

Age: 32

Race: Mok'Nathal

Weight: 156

Height: 6'1

Slight history. Of average height for an orc, Throg stands proud wielding a long sword in one hand. Born to a family of berserkers, Throg grew up with a wooden sword in his grip. His family taking part in the massacre of the Draenei, as a result Throg is extremely xenophobic. When he was 15, he met Therema, a female orc blade master. Fascinated by this he joined her and trained underneath her for years until they came to Azeroth. Eager for the chase, after spending time in the camps and then going underneath Thrall, Throg realized his mistakes and confronted his parents, they called names and attacked lost in rage.

THrog had no choice but to put them down. Mortified by this he ran into Durotar until the fog of war called for him. Giving his blade to Thrall and then Grom has turned him into a killer.

((Kept history short and sweet.))

Description: Throg still has yellowish skin like his brother's. He wields the famous weapons of a Blade master.

-Xenophobic to alliance race's.

-Proud of his heritage.
((Hmm, been a while since I've done forum RP and this has grabbed my interest. And sorry for a short description, threw it together before headin' off to bed.))

Name: Lethia Stocks

Race: Human

Age: 26

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 103 lbs.

Description: Lethia was often singled out amongst her pears for often being to small or thin, not of much use except for her medical training. Her skin an average white, free of markings except for several long scars running up her forearms. The woman's black hair often done up in a bun or ponytail to keep it from hanging in her face. Lethia's hands often having faint red splotches on them, stained into the skin from her times as a medic.

When it came to normal situations she was fun loving and happy. Though stressful situations get to her, causing her to become irritated and snap at anyone who annoys her.

She tends to wear light mail and carry a short-sword, barely over a foot long. At her side is a white and black satchel, containing many supplies she needs in case if she's needed out in the field.
Avonako and Mok'Nathal are in. One more Alliance and I think we'll have a nice Balanced group. I don't want to get too much bigger than this, but some of you who commented but didn't put a post up (I'm looking at you, Xangtingwok/Sod'fik) will definitely be accepted if you get a post up soonish. BUT I DIGRESS!

Here is the IC-

For your first post, keep it about your character. You can collaborate here with fellow members of your faction (when/how you meet) and, obviously members of the other faction (where/when/how) you meet. Otherwise, try and get one post up, and keep it about yourself.

Have fun and see you all on the Isle, you stranded Devils you.

EDIT: Lethia Stocks (you're in too)
(( A lot of Alliance. Kal'tokk might be the only Horde unless Rak goes Horde.

btw, Hi Rak! It's Ester from The Sea Glass thread.))

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You're in Luthionn. I mentioned it briefly in a post somewhere, I just know it.
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Haha, alright, Just making sure.
Rakmis (or Throg). You don't have any weapons, there were lost in the wreck, please fix this.

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